Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kainoa Smiles...


My day will not sound exciting to anyone other than a swimbikerunning crazy person. And to me. I rode the bike trainer again for 4hours. This time it FLEW by, as if the body knew what to expect and maybe because I knew it would be my final forced indoor ride. Monday I'm back outside THANKYOUGODTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!

Off the bike and onto a run, finally OUTSIDE, fresh air, the ocean, rain drops, it was perfect. This week has been all sorts of hard effort, digging deep, and holding on. Then coach sent me a message, "Bree, let's train right through Puerto Rico, just keep the focus and come in strong for Honu (Hawaii 70.3)". My immediate reactions was, "Huh?". That was it, a simple "huh". Now I see the light, keep on going hard, race, more hard work, then let my hometown race be the FUN one. By fun I mean, race it rested. That excites me...I've yet to rest for the hometown races like Lavaman or Honu because they always fall in the middle of a block of hard work in prep for an Ironman. There is no early Ironman for me this season. Alright then, Puerto Rico will hurt more than expected, but that's alright as long as Ricky Martin is there...haha...just kidding, sort of.

Tomorrow will finish up the week with a long run and I'm going to find my way to the ocean after that. A little fishing, free diving, snorkel, or 3 prong action is in order to refuel my engine (and just chillax) for an afternoon. Alright, now for my favorite smile on Earth, a 4 year old paddling out to waves bigger than he about LOVIN' Life!! I'll try to get the video of him surfing up sooner than later, it makes a mom proud!



Lucy Francis said...

what a cutie:-)! I've read your previous post of Kainoa's mishap where he split his chin surfing. the good thing with kids is that they fall, they get up and keep going. I'm so pleased he's nejoyng paddling, very soon, he'll be surfing in the PRO circuit.
I too would be smiling if i was paddling in the sun and sea.

And your new bike looks GORGEOUS!

Dawn said...

Just adorable! :) Such a good mommy you are!!

tinaparker87 said...

Wish we could be four again! Love the time. 10 comes quick. I did buy Thomas deoderant Saturday~

Jennifer said...

Very cute! My sons would love this!!