Friday, March 18, 2011


Alright, for those of you that aren't here for San Juan 70.3, here is the transition, and now you have seen the swimbikerun, (from previous photos). It's pretty cool being at first year events, you just never know what to expect. Let me tell ya, this is AMAZING! Highly reccomend it. In fact, the race director went around and personally shook hands of all the athletes in the briefing today! He really cared about the event and you can tell all the volunteers are beyond excited to be part of our big day tomorrow...
The track field is the only place large enough to hold all the bikes! Of course, its also a good 400 meters away from the swim exit before you run the length of the field for your bike. All of this course is totally unique, from swimming under a bridge in a manatee filled beach, to cycling along a city full of life, to running through historical landmarks. I like it. I am ready to race on it.
Of course the evening is turning dark and all the stuff for tomorrow is set to go. That means the butterflies are parading within me and I'm forced to sleep through them, silent them with a pep talk that we have trained, we have prepared, and we love this...nothing left to do but get out there and finish up 70.3 miles as best and fast as I personally can.
Tomorrow athletes from near and far are going to be on this little beach, then we swim out, back, under a bridge, over manatees, and onto a little ramp. It's super cool, maybe one of my new favorite swims, ever. Reminds me of St. Croix 70.3 in a few ways...

I have really enjoyed my time on this island. It has been fun training away and getting to know another place on Earth. The people of Puerto Rico are absolutely amazing, warm as can be! Always late, even moreso than the "aloha time" we arrive on back home. Until tonight I have really been appreciating being here and just going with the flow. Now it's the evening before the race and my mind is fixed on doing my best job possible when the gun goes off in the morning.
It's always easy for me to switch over from "fun" to "focus", it just helps if I wait till last minute to do it, keeps me relaxed and reminds me RACING IS FUN, hard but fun. Todays prerace meeting and seeing the superstars I get to race along with tomorrow got the "focus" shifting into high gear...

Don't worry, it stayed amigo gave me an official "Puerto Rico" shirt to lighten the butterflies. I did laugh and will wear it on the plane home. In fact, tomorrow has to be a good day, its my last day on the island and Sunday morning at 6am I fly back to Hawaii so I can land in time to get Kainoa from school :) That said, gotta race my heart out then go soak up what's left to discover of Puerto Rico!
Good luck tomorrow everyone racing! Hope your day is worth the journey you traveled (training) to get here! See ya at the finish line!


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Good luck Bree!

SSB said...

Good luck tomorrow! Make Hawaii proud!

Jill Costantino said...

Woohoo Chica! Lay-it-DOWN!
Beautiful pics!

Lucy Francis said...

Oh those manatees are going to have some company tomorrow. What will they make of all the swimmers? That sea looks sooooo inviting. That's what does it for me when picking races abroad.
You're going to have a great time tomorrow. That podium has your name on it. Vamos Bree!

tinaparker87 said...

Just saw the finish time. You had a good race. You will get 15 mins. Better next race. I can guarantee it! I have to give some mama hugs to Thomas before bed, so safe trip home.