Friday, March 25, 2011

Prince Kuhio Day!!

The day began here, the ocean without complaint! I would like to personally thank Prince Kuhio for the pool being closed, some businesses closed, schools closed, and most the island having the day off. LOVE me this holiday! Swim practice thankfully went on, the entire squad landed at the beach for practice. However, before practice the camp site was in full on "set up mode". In fact, half this side of the island was pitching tents along the beach before work. Set up, go work (in my case train), then go back to the beach when pau hana (finished for the day). If you wait till after work you wont get a spot...really, we take this family day seriously. Well, my sister boycotts the crowd of the beach so her family is camping up the mountain, but most people this side of the island are camping this night/weekend somewhere! We have a nice sized crew ready and waiting to camp at the waters edge. Let's just say being the first at the gate when it opens for camp (Cody), really helps land the sweet spot! Packing is simple:
*fishing pole, 3 prong, spear gun
*surf stuff
*little grill/pan to cook the lobster & fish we hope to catch
*bikinis and pajamas
*smores for the keiki :)
*Run stuff for me, I plan to wake early and tackle my long run tomorrow
*Tunes, cameras to save up some memories
*pancakes for the morning
*beach chairs, sunscreen, towels
Think that's about it, Kainoa packed a pillow and flashlight too.

After swim practice was a long ride for me. It was awesome to get on my new bike and break it in. Of course there was a pit stop at Bike Works Waikaloa (the bike shop a little North). Helped test out a beach cruiser while the water bottles were getting refilled. Liked the cruiser a lot, thinking to race it next weekend at Lavaman! hahaha, not my Swift too much!
So what is Prince Kuhio Day?? It's one of only 2 royal holidays the United States celebrates and the 8 islands are sure to take a little time out. On March 26th 1919??? (sorry forgot the exact year, been a while since I was a teacher), Prince Kuhio set heir to the throne and he set up a Hawaiian Homes Act, setting aside 200,000 acres of land for Hawaiian blooded people. It's a pretty cool situation as the island has been taken over by different religions back in the day, different cultures all the time, and of course those who swept away grass shacks with giant homes at a cost more than fish & seashells could afford. Anyways, there is still land set aside that unless you have Hawaiian blood you can't touch it. As you know, I don't have any Hawaiian blood but I support the Act entirely. It's always raising problems on the islands and despite being Indian, German, Irish (a total mutt), I agree nobody can come along and take someones life or just change up their culture no matter where in the world. I wish I was alive back in the day the super conservative religions came along and took their grass skirts, little ti leaves for the men, and made the Hawaiians wear clothes. You better believe this white girl would be covered in grass skirts and plumerias over my boobs too, supporting the "let us/them have our culture". But that's another story...
My training day is done, the rest of the friends are almost done with obligations, holiday is about to begin! Hope you all enjoy your weekend! You can find us at the beach, but of course I'll get that run and ride in between sunshine, family, friends, and the ocean! Must leave you with a song....HOLIDAY.


Mike said...

Hi, Bree; Thanks for the raggae.
Took me back a few years to when I lived in Bermuda. A good little tour ot the West End of the Island. Thanks again.

Jamie said...

I love the sound of this holiday! If it wasn't going to be 22 degrees tonight, I'd celebrate too! Can I postpone it 3 months?

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

So awesome on all fronts!

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Lucy Francis said...

What a perfect day for a holiday: seating on the beach under the stars, listening to the waves and everyone on the island joining in as well.
it all sounds so chilled out, It's good to know that at least there is somewhere in this world where people seem to have the balance right.
I assume the fish you caught was soon ready for the barbecue....

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