Wednesday, March 16, 2011

San Juan...

Today was by far one of the coolest days I have lived. After a very long night of "trying to fall asleep" I fell asleep, then woke up homesick. By 8am I was in the company of one of my favorite Puerto Rican amigos and off to a giant swimming pool and a tour of the race area. From there I was in the hands of another amigo from the island that showed me all the "real Puerto Rico" stuff. How people really live, where they really eat, and what they do...stuff you just dont see if you arent looking. I am so blessed with incredible people in my life.
After lunch it was time to ride. Riding here is the most scary thing I have ever survived. When you come from an island that has a bike lane the size of a traffic lane and are put into "traffic" on this island it is scary. Let's just say we rode a long time and my heart rate got up-but not because of effort-TRAFFIC!
Mid way through the ride we found a fruit smoothie stand, it was ONLY fruits in there and the perfect bottle refuel stop, ever. Pina, papaya smoothie and mango on the side is just what this island girl was craving! We rode till almost sunset, it was a great way to explore the island when the traffic wasnt causing me to nearly pi$$ my pants! My legs are pretty heavy feeling, I suppose a long travel just doesnt disappear. Coach told me to keep them moving and get the blood going in there, so thats what I did. Hotel ALL day never tempts me anyways so I was happy to be out in the fresh air training away... This is the run course, part of it. We climb a short, steep hill then get to a gradual climb. Once we get to the turn I was thinking it would be down hill but we take a middle road that gradually climbs back to the turn to run the second loop. Im not sure how its possible to have an almost entirely uphill run course on a 2 loop course but I never really noticed the gradual down hill... it has some awesome views though. Managed to look at them today so Saturday they wont cause me curiosity :)

Then I dove off a very high dive so I can remember the cliff jummping back home and shake off my homesickness. Just kidding, I only took a peak and jumped into the swimming pool for laps instead. Tomorrow will be the ocean swim I have been waiting for! A HUGE "gracias" goes out to the incredible people of San Juan that have been so helpful! This trip would not be this amazing without your company and support!

Muchos abrazos,


ADC said...

It looks beautiful. Good luck this weekend.

The Lazy Triathlete said...

Good luck this weekend.

I was in PR this past December and would you believe it was actually windy and cold?

Please after a year in Kabul, PR roads are a piece of cake. :)

Libby said...

awesome! great pics! go kick some butt on sunday :) I used to live down that way and part of why I moved was it was SO scary to bike and I got sick of that. you should have jumped off the 10m lol... race your heart out bree!!!

Lucy Francis said...

Que ciudad mas bonita! I wish all my races were in beautiful places like this. I gather your hotel has been sorted out and you're now settled, rested and ready to race.
and don't feel guilty for being away from hawaii, your job involves travelling and when you get back you can help out with the clean up. Wishing you a great race on sunday :-) muchos besos

Kirsten Medcalf said...

I love your two piece swim suit. Where was the great find?!