Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Splish + KSwiss = KSplish....

You know you are slightly crazy when you feel like a million bucks after getting your rear end kicked half the day and like it. In fact, it almost feels like a treat, like you could pinch yourself that things clicked well in training despite the fact you are smashed and can hardly drive home after training... that's a good day.

Training today was swim practice where for some reason the lane mates made me go first from start to finish, no feet to follow, nobody to chase or draft, and mentally it hurts having to count, watch send offs, and go first. Okay for me its rough, I'm not a natural in the pool. So I kicked my own rear. Then I did something that is slightly new for me, I asked the fast boys to PLEASE run with me...
No worries chasing them on the bikes or swim, I just draft and when that isn't happening I try to hold on, then it becomes a game of "don't get lapped in the swim or don't get more than 3 hills or 14 palm trees behind on the bike". In the run its another story, how do you draft? And well, I'm not the fastest girl on 2 feet, but I always work to get faster than I am now. That's usually when I land on the track with an IPOD or on the treadmill. Anyways, today I had boys with me for 400 repeats because I wound up with the courage to ask them to kick my butt and the willingness to be humbled. Seriously, it was so much better, it hurt worse, it pushed me out of my usual comfort zone, and it took off a little intimidation I have from them. No wonder people who run in groups and packs are so fast! . After warm up I convinced them to hurt me for 10x400's alternating 5:55 pace on odds and 5:20 pace on evens. It was easy for them as they paced for me and felt like a swim workout for me, totally doable with company! I plan to BEG, PLEAD, BRIBE the boys for more run help...
After that ride. It was past lunch hour which meant hotter than HAWAII hot and windier than HAWAII windy! All part of "I like to kick my own rear into gear". Home-sweet-home from the swimrunbike and despite a craving for anything and everything edible my face was all smiles from a good day at the office. However it got better when some KSwiss meshed with Splish landed at my door in the form of KSplish :) I LOVE them, so much! My KSwiss race kit won't be ready for a few weeks so these are the "here and now" and you better believe I am LOVING them!

PS: Splish has a sale happening, $19.50 for practice suits if you need one!
Almost sunset time, a good day in sport on the island!


Jill Costantino said...

Love the "Ksplish". Question - how is the sizing on the tank?
Awesome job with the boys Chica!

beth said...

Hi Bree!!!! Haven't talked with you in a while :). Just wanted to say I love your work, as always!
and love the new suits...
and the new track partners...
now if only i could get james to run my track workout instead of his!


Laura said...

Love the new suits! They look AWESOME!

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

I am 99.9% sure you have the CUTTEST and best colored pro race suit out there. OMG - I think they should definitely print extras! I absolutely LOVE the color scheme!!!!

Jamie said...

Awesome kit this year bree. Looks great.

I wonder if any one ever says "Who is that Kainoa chick? She looks a lot like Bree Wee..."

When I was running at my fastest ever, it was all because of the fast guys I ran with so I know where you are coming from.

Keep it up and keep pushing it! Don't make running with the fast boys a rare treat. Let 'em know a few days ahead of time when you need some quick feet to join you on a tempo run or track session. You'll be making those girls hurt on the run before you know it.

Lucy Francis said...

Brilliant K-SPLISH kit and very unique.
I know what you mean when you say leading the lane is so much harder, it's just not the swimming bit but keeping your eye on the turnaround and getting everyone organized. I always thank my lane leader at the end of the session.

Those fast guys you're training with....are they cute too? :-)

Lucy Francis said...

Oh I've just realized you're racing the lavaman tomorrow (sunday). Good luck and make sure you wear that cool suit of yours.
I'll be doing a bike race with a bunch of (80!)girls in Windsor...I'm so nervous, not sure I'll be able to sleep well tonight.