Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuff Tuesday...

If everyday ended overlooking a sunset with the people I love it would be a good day, most days would be better than just good. You know what happened today? Sally Meyerhoff died. I got the news as soon as I got home from sunset and it's been a junky feeling ever since, in fact I'm not much in the mood to talk about "Oh life on Hawaii, training here too, is so good (even though it is to me)", I'm kinda sad. SO today I guess would be a good day to answer those random questions that pop through the website... so here are the 3 most recent ones and my answers...

"I'm looking for ways to train my body and mind in the best ways possible. I’m currently in my third year of university and I’m finding it a challenge to stay motivated to get up and get the work done and to stay on top of schoolwork. I want to find a way to balance training, school, and family/friends without jeopardizing one for the other. If you have any tips that you’re willing to share I’d appreciate them."
Balance is everything! I'll give you an example, today I had roughly 5 hours of training and only 6 hours to make it all happen from the time I drop Kainoa off and pick him up from school then get him to karate class. Knowing I had a busy day today I prepared for it last night. Sometimes you have to plan water bottles ahead of time, pack lunch/snacks to keep in your truck, and pack a bag with changes of clothes to take along the night before a big day.
You also have to keep calm knowing frustration will not give you more time. If you start to fall behind it's okay to cut off some time on your workouts, just make sure its from an easy workout not a key workout. As for family/friends... they are the most important part of life so make sure you are dedicating "family/friends" quality time to them, time when you aren't stressed for a workout or aren't passing out because you just worked out all day long. True family/friends will understand what your goals are and will support you so I'm sure they don't expect all day everyday to be going out with them, but be sure you do give them attention too. In fact, one of the greatest ways is to INCLUDE them! Invite them to a workout class, a jog, or swim with you. Its okay if they are faster or slower, make it work!
"I wonder if you can settle a little debate for me if you have a quick moment. Boyfriend did Louisville as his first last year... he believes that the Ironman sanctioned races are the ONLY way to go, because of support, volunteers, experience, etc. Having done Rev3 and Ironman (and probably many others), did you as an athlete notice a difference? Was your experience superior because it was Ironman? Thanks in advance for your time, Mel"
Super question....Having done both REV3 & Ironman I can tell you each brand is worth doing. As for Ironman, most the races are different though because most the Ironman events are put on by different race directors, they just share the same "brand" so actually you never know what you will get unless you are familiar with that race director. The REV3 races all are the SAME race directors so you always know what to expect, you like their style or you don't. That said, I have raced Philippines 70.3 in a developing country, totally far away and nothing there and it was INCREDIBLE, some of the best support ever and well done by the directors, it was an Ironman brand race that people weren't expecting much of because of location but it was above and beyond. Then I did (won't say the event) another Ironman brand race in a great city on the mainland USA and it was not exactly the same experience. Of course personal experience is different for each person. Ooooh, another example, most Ironman Brand races have pros go off first, but Hawaii 70.3 the pros in the past few years start with the amateurs (just the way it differs from race director to race director). Both REV3 and Ironman have penalties, draft rules, timing chips, aid stations, expos, and lots of cool locations. Hope that answers your question. Truly, I think both are worth experiencing, just pick a place you would enjoy swimbikerunning and you really can't go wrong.
"I am trying so hard to ride my bike in a swim suit, how do you (and so many other woman) do that?! I seem to be rubbing in all the wrong spots and hurting in places I won't mention."
Oh that's an easy one. A good bike fit. The trick is to get fit on your bike in the outfit you plan to race in. It's common to get fit on your bike in those bulky padded bike shorts and walk out of there feeling like you are riding a beach cruiser, then come race day hurt like crazy! So get fit in the tri shorts, swim suit, or whatever you plan to race in. Another trick, a lot of us girls rub Vaseline on our inner thighs (or body glide), it helps with the rubbing on the seat too. Finally, try a few saddles. Just because your bike comes with a saddle does not mean that is the one you must use. Try a couple, most shops have the "try before you buy" program. Good luck!
Alright, way past my bed time... it's been a long day. Sally, rest in peace girl. LOTS of hugs and prayers to your family! The rest of you, train safe out there!


krystyna47 said...

I totally agree about trying other tri race organizations. I've done the Ironman branded ones (and will continue to try others, despite not liking one particular 70.3 experience).
I have, however, fallen in LOVE with the Challenge series of races. I've done Challenge Wanaka in New Zealand and will be doing Challenge Cairns (the half distance) in Australia. They are so well organized and SO amazing to their athletes.

The Lazy Triathlete said...

I love the photos you chose for your posts. I can tell you are one great mom.

Planning for the next day is important. I have to do it so that I can get enough time in the mornings (I promised the Bride that I would not get up any earlier than 0445 anymore). :)

Slow Rider said...

That is why you have the best blog, you are constantly giving back and paying forward. Class act bree Wee keep it up!

Dawn said...

So very sad to hear about Sally, she is amazing. I read about her journey at Rev3... and I think I remember seeing her in one of your pics? :( Such an inspiration she is, as I am a marathoner runner and inspiring triathlete. I can imagine how hard it must have been for you to hear that news.
Take care.. and yes... thanks for always being an inspiration yourself and paying it forward. Makes all want to be better!

Lora said...

Reading about Sally was truly a shock.

Will either be doing IMKY this year or REV3's 1/2 at Cedar Point. Very interesting points. I hadn't thought about the RD part before.