Friday, April 29, 2011

Slip Up's and Slippers (slippahs)...

Dear Friends, it ain't always easy training where it's breezy. A perfectly beautiful spot on Earth can produce some very ugly moments in training, first hand experience riiiiiiiiiiiiight here. In fact I have started a collection of coaches notes for days like this, I call them my "love notes", because I have to reread them when something I love (training) drives me absolutely through a loop of frustration.
You know the things that happen, the ones that have you missing a workout (insert sick child home from school), the things that have you start practice late or getting out early, the things that happen and sometimes you just don't land on your feet. Anyways, these days happen and a small collection of them sometimes start to make you feel lousy, lazy, out of shape, (common feeling that is usually so not the case for us triathletes, but that's how we feel). FINALLY we get back to routine and well, now the motivation is challenged, maybe discouragement hits, and of course you feel sad because you had a plan mapped out but the map now has a few u-turns and detours. Anyways, it's then that I have to re-read the "love notes".
Okay so how do I deal?? Get back on the horse? Re-spark motivation? Well, I don't really have an answer, I'm in the middle of getting out of my slip ups as we speak. This week has been blah in training. Today I made myself lead all of masters and not let the boy in the lane next to me ever beat me to a wall, (it hurt, I was not in shape to do that, but I gave it my best, it worked enough to fire me up for my bike ride like nobody's business), and tomorrow I am going on the group ride for the first time all season just to get my @$$ kicked, because when you have been in a slip up sometimes the only way out is to have your @$$ kicked out of it... so that's my plan. Humble pie I am ready to eat you till I am outta of my slip ups! YUMMY!
Now to the slippers. The most popular shoe in the state of Hawaii is the slipper (slippahs if you say it like the local boys n' girls). Why in the world am I mentioning this? Because I'm running and kicking my @$$ out of my slip ups remember, so I figure I better tell you all the types of slippers we have on the island (or a few from my closet) that will be worn between the bike shoes and run shoes :)
I call these my "training slippers". KSwiss specials, they go on and off before and after the run shoes go on and off, they go to swim practice with me shoes!!

These are my favorites! Last 2 pairs were stolen from the pier. The only reason I love them so much is because the most innocent boy I know (Kainoa) saw them and said, "Look mom, you are on the slipper". I have never laughed so hard in my entire life, now I claim them!

My super slippahs! They make you taller, need I say more?

Slippers to keep your feet warm n' fuzzy Hawaiian style :)

Skinny trap slippers, love these so much I lost the other blue one and now have to wear it with a black one.

Dress slippers. We have leather ones for "fancy occasions" and of course black ones for the little black dress days...or nights.

Kainoa's collection at the moment, he goes through them faster then I wear out a bikini!

Animal print slippers, a girl loves her animals, right?!
The best around! Locals are the most affordable and can handle walks on the rocks, usually the last to get stolen from the parties where everyone leaves their shoes at the door, and of course they go with everything...

These were a gift, just can't help but keep them in the collection...


Alright, keep on training through the slip ups, a few won't hurt us unless we let them...happy training! And remember, "success has many different outfits but always wears the same comfortable dancing shoes"-Mary Anne Radmacher



Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Swift Sale :)

My beloved bike has a twin and it's for sale. I had the privilege of riding this frame for 4 hours and then my complete bike arrived the next day. This frame sits sadly in Bike Works wanting a home and that is my job, to get this beautiful Swift Carbon frame out on the road where it belongs. I'm not a good sales person, I once worked in a surf shop and gave away more wax then I sold, so the boys are handling any and all bike questions of interested buyers.
Here is what I can tell you, it's the lightest frame I've ever had, it loves the cross winds of Kona, I once road it over a dirt beach trail and it took the shock "almost" like a beach cruiser, it responds quick when the boys pick up the pace and you have to jump on a wheel, it likes hills, and its really HOT. Yeah, gorgeous at 49cm. If you need more answers like that write me. If you need more answers on pricing, shipping, and bike tech things email here with "Swift" as the subject: or
Finally, check out the website to learn more about this incredible bike that has finally been launched to the good ol' USA. Swift Carbon. You can get most your answers here too.
Happy Riding,

Monday, April 25, 2011

My IPOD-less Week, Day 1.

On the bike and on the run I am very much addicted to the IPOD. Addicted because I rarely leave home without it. Underwater on my ocean swim this morning I was entertained by the simplicity of swimming. One of those swims where you just feel connected to the water, the feel, your body in the swim mode. Despite having your ears under most the time you can hear so much. Its as if all the senses are heightened underwater for me, suppose you could say, "Ears wide open". I was so in the moment, loving the moment, appreciating the moment, IPOD-less training moment.
...and then came my ride. It has been so long, too long, longer than I remember since the last time I rode without the IPOD. I love my IPOD, it's my company, sometimes my motivation, other times my cheerleader, it really fires me up hills, and has me jamming along hot Kona days. Before my ride I read this: The sound of music. Coach wrote it a couple months ago and well, it makes sense. In fact I have been busted using the IPOD even with company (talk about tuning out the training partners). And that my friends was enough to dare myself to go IPOD-less for the week. Who knows, I might like it and ditch it more, but for now its a single workout at a time, especially since most of my training is solo and Ive developed a dependency.
On the ride I played a game, "What do I hear?" It began by hearing each and every sound, I was "listening" for sounds, all of them. Halfway into the ride I was in that zen like moment I had on my swim, pure focus, in the moment, IPOD-less, ears wide open but not trying to hear anything in particular. It was pretty cool to find that "hard for me to reach silent" spot on the bike that happens mainly on the swim.
A very easy run was next and I confess, I used some friends for talking story to cruise through it. I've yet to challenge the long run without an IPOD, that will happen later in the week. Finally, yoga. I've really got to make peace with all this "be in the moment, chill out, focus, mentally strengthen my mind without my ears being stuffed with songs", and so yoga was the cherry on the top. I try to avoid yoga at all costs, mainly because I'm always full speed ahead in my motherhood-tri-momma life and yoga feels like I just chill there mentally making my "to-d0" list. Well, I didn't make a list in class tonight (was tempted), I focused more and more and more without an IPOD.

Enjoy your IPODS for me, if you hear any very cool songs sing them for me too, and I'll keep working on finding some peace on my path to focus.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

More Eggs Please...

Growing up with a "Beach Bunny" for a mom, Easter in my home meant 3 things... A new swim suit, a new beach chair, and a new beach towel. Oh church happened, we always colored eggs, and neighbors came over to find eggs in the back yard, BUT waking up and running to the patio to see a new beach chair with a new beach towel hanging over it and a new swim suit sitting on the chair is what stands out the very most. This was the tradition for as many years as I can remember, at least until my sisters and I grew some boobs. Then the Easter Bunny would leave us money to buy our own bikini's and from there the Beach Bunny, I mean Easter Bunny, would take us to the beach, all day long...

My sisters and I owned more swimsuits than any kid on the planet! In fact, my mother the "Beach Bunny" continued sending me money for a new swim suit until 2006, now she sends an Easter check and tells me "get Kainoa something from the Easter Bunny for her". I'm no beach bum, I know exactly what that means! "Get Kainoa new surf trunks for the beach". The tradition lives on...and I love it!
Kainoa is now living the tradition of Easters on the beach in new surf trunks with a beach bunny of a mother...

When I snapped this photo I was so amazed at all the colors! It reminded me of coloring eggs and mixing the colors with no sort of pattern yet making it look beautiful, however the island is a million times more beautiful than any Easter egg in the world!

Kainoa walking the beach...

Finding some eggs along the beach, just a little warm up for tomorrow!!

The sister is also keeping our mother's "Easter at the beach with new surf shorts" alive for her son. Whatever your family does to celebrate Easter hope its more fun that opening those plastic eggs and finding nothing hidden inside (that seriously bothers me). Hope you have lots inside the plastic eggs and make a ton of memories doing Easter just the way you like it...



Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday, Do Good for the Philippines...

It's ALOHA Friday and once again Big Island is up to some good. I am personally going to ask for your athletic shoes, new, used, it does not matter as long as they have a mile of running left in them. Before you even begin thoughts of, "Didn't she just ask for shoes and collect something like 400? Does she think we really have more to give?". I do think you (or someone you know) has more to give because the average American buys shoes at least every 4 months and it was December I asked last time, that was 4 months ago. So can I have your shoes please...thanks.
The Philippines is a place that has captured my heart and thankfully, along with a handful of other Big Islanders, we will return to not only race but bring a little sport to the lives of high schoolers in Naga City and Cam Sur. Basically these high schoolers have watched the race run through their back yards for the past couple years and have become curious, inspired, and now want to try. Only thing is, the poverty in their village doesn't allow them the very simple opportunity to even try. No shoes, little to no clothing for sport or even life, and sadly no other knowledge of sport other than seeing the race run through their back yard.
The first time I saw the Ironman run through my back yard I became inspired. Since that moment my life has forever changed and while I may never win a big race or make a million dollars, it has lead me to a life better than that I have ever envisioned. This is my hope, the hope of the team Big Island has put together for Philippines. In even a small way we want to let sport happen for 200 high schoolers all begging for just one opportunity.

The plan is simple:

  1. Collect 200 pairs of shoes and something to race in for each high schooler. We need shoes size 5 women to 10 men (the boys don't mind wearing women's and the women don't mind being in men shoes).

  2. 200 run shorts (new or used) and a sports bra for each girl (new or used), any size you can give. Socks, hats or visors, would be appreciated too.

  3. We are asking for them by May 15. Not much time-YIKES!

  4. If you live on Big Island drop off spots are Bike Works Kona, Bike Works Waikoloa, Starbucks Waikoloa, Big Island Running Company, or Dr. Monica Sheels office.

  5. Outer island or mainland donations please send to :Bike Works
    74-5583 Luhia Street
    Kailua-Kona, Hi 96740
    808 326 2453

  6. Dont forget, MAY 15!!

What's in it for you, FREE COFFEE and FREE SUNSCREEN. If you personally take your shoes to Starbucks Waikoloa you can trade them for coffee. If you personally take your shoes to Dr. Sheels you can trade them for sunscreen. Of course I'm sure if you have the shoes you are happy to give "just because", but the sunscreen and coffee is still yours in trade of your used or new shoes.

What are we going to do with the 200 shoes and training clothes? The Big Island team has organized a 1 mile race for the high schoolers! They are more than thrilled to have the chance to run, to feel the excitement of a race, to be in shoes and spandex, sports bras, a hat! Of course before the race we plan to host a health and fitness clinic. We will do a little mini training session with them and give out all we can on sport to those craving to be part of it. It's going to be SO AWESOME! It's not too late to take part in the Philippines 70.3 race or help with the Big Islands mission. If you live on island we are having a fund raiser May 7th (Cinco De Mayo Splash) where volunteers are needed for water patrol for the 1 mile open water swim. Of course donations at that race will help funding. Get info/application at Bike Works.

Okay then, send me those shoes ASAP! Mahalo PLENTY,


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tuesday in Karate...

I learned a lot in karate class today, not my class, Kainoas karate class. Its amazing the things you learn sitting on the sidelines, not that I have ever enjoyed be on the sidelines in any part of life. Sometimes looking in from out you get a different perspective though, that view can carry over into other areas of life…today my tri life.

The students all stand in line facing the sensai and repeat a little something to get them on the right track when class gets rolling. They say, “I focus my eyes, I focus my mind, I focus my body”. I loved sitting there seeing little 3-5 year olds get off on the right foot. Reflecting on my best workouts and races it is so true that the eyes, mind, and body are all focused on the job at hand, in that moment, a single moment at a time.

Then I kept hearing these words over and over throughout class, ”Focus, balance, confidence, respect, discipline, dedication, motivation, seek, understand, power” . Those little children are doing so much more in that class than kicking and punching, they are learning some valuable words to live by! I know adults, (myself included at times), who forget to bring their confidence when facing giants, who lose our balance in life, have little to no respect for ourselves or others, and the list goes on. So again, my tri life stood out and these words I am going to drizzle more into my training and goals. I really should sign up for karate class!

Finally, the part that hit home for me, perfect during this block of training that just so happens to be very challenging and more of a mind over matter block was this, “You gotta have a target or you’re just kicking into space”. So very true. As I sat watching sensai holding a target and some children kick confidently in the direction of the target, foot meeting the goal, a loud boom was made. Mission accomplished so to speak. Others lost focus and kicked into the air, without eyes focused on the target the kick simply reached air, just air, no loud boom. With a goal and eyes, mind, and body focused on that goal its going to be a lot easier to hear the booms we are chasing then it will be when we kick only the air…

Thankfully karate is 3x a week, Ive got so much to learn.

Oh, tried to take this with my phone, excuse the blurrrr. Each week sensai writes something new and motivating on the board, this week is worth posting, "Champions arent made in gyms, champions are made from something they have deep inside them. A desire, a dream, a vision. They have the human skill and the will, but the will must be stronger than the skill."-Muhammad Ali

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Push, Push, Believe...

1 mile to go...

It has been a very good week of training for me. A long one, a very good one. Patience & confidence are still a work in progress when it comes to swimbikerun. This week has tested both of them and has forced me to believe a little more and chill out a little more, (not in the usual "chillax" fashion, I mean patience). ..

Today we had this 10 miler that we have every April on Alii Drive. It has always been a super big goal of mine to break 60 minutes on it, in fact one year I did 10x1 mile repeats on it at 6 min mile pace till I about landed face first into traffic because I wanted it so bad. Anyways, the PR was 1:03 and a few seconds. All week, despite the heavy training load, long rides, hard runs, big swims, Hawi moments, and more hours than I have ever trained into this run I STILL wanted to push hard, no excuses. This morning I stumbled out of bed, got dressed as if it was an "A" race and pretended I was rested and ready, (ignoring the fact my entire body wanted to stop, drop, and roll back into bed for a few days). I just pretended to believe it might still happen... .

Sub 1hr did not happen... BUT I did go 1:02.16, almost a minute PR and way less rested than ever before. I'm pretty sure its not because I'm more fit, more focused, and obviously not more rested, it has to do with believing just a little bit, a tiny more than usual, (as I'm working on it), that the race went better than expected. As for that sub 60, Ill try again next year and the year after if I have too...

After the race the training still did not end. Coach had more, a ride. SO I rode and most ride long I thought about Hawi yesterday and how I miss that little town. Feels like the only time I'm that far North is on the bike. As soon as I got off the bike Wendy was ready to roll and in the car we rolled all the way to Hawi! A total girls day in town (a town of 3 shops and 3 restaurants), big city life for us island girls! Call it the perfect recovery for a very long morning...
Now Sunday is tip-toeing into evening and I am very much looking forward to a good nights sleep. Rest easy,



Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today in Training...

The highlight of today's ride n' run on the island was getting lei'd on the way home from Hawi! It's not everyday that happens, I mean what girl doesn't enjoy smelling like plumerias during a long ride. Training was a smashing success today, in a few dozen ways. The first being a long ride, a run off the bike, good job on nutrition, lots of incredible company, and being able to push through such an important session after a hard week of swimbikerun. Over and over I remind myself...2 weeks, 2 weeks, 2 weeks, 2 wants a 2 week "Bree Wee challenge camp" out of me and that's what I am trying to manage as best as I excuses, get the work done.
Another very rare and highly fortunate note worth mentioning in training, is Tim and Nicole Deboom hosting the Hawi ride. It's not everyday professionals in any sport just want to come along as company, as regular people, and join in with anyone and everyone. Usually I'm a little in the backseat when super stars are in the mix but Tim had this "I'm just like everyone else" sort of presence about him and instantly I wanted to ride next to him when the opportunity to get off his wheel happened.


It happened. In that part of the ride I had to ask all the things I wanted to ask such a superstar who acted more like the neighbor boy next door. Things like, sport, triathlon, The World Champs, (like him I'm not chasing points this year either), and I was wondering how a man who loves this race so much, who's won it, who is good at it, would handle just "watching it" this year. He gave me some light and I felt better about my plan this year and the races I did line up. He really loves sport, like A LOT. I do too. In our chat I found sometimes loving something so much means taking a different approach to it too. Then of course I had to ask some run questions, he gave me answers. He would answer anything... it was a very good ride for me as much mentally as physically.

When it was Hawi refuel time, his choice of PowerBar Bites, (I watched his every move), was no match for my 5 bananas and 2 mangoes, island style is the way I roll...
Off the bike coach gave me a run and thankfully 3 of the boys were game to run along with me. The company was just what I needed to keep this day flowing strong and the motivation full blast. We ran the hottest loop in all of the island (or at least it felt like it, unless you actually run on the lava). By the time I landed in the shower my entire body said, "STOP" and thankfully I'm pau for the day. Another good training day in the bank, gotta love it despite the "feel like poop on a stick" feeling. Tomorrow I'm going to smash out a good run for Japan then cruise on my bike!


Keep up the hard work, we got this!!!


Thursday, April 14, 2011


Is it Friday yet?? Last night after swim practice survival mode set in. This is a good spot to be on the journey to reaching for something, like hard work. It's also the place where you have to hold your eyeballs open with your hands 'cause you're so tired, the place where you question how old you really are for without a doubt you shouldn't be hunched over and creaking when you wake up at your age, and of course its the spot where all your laundry stinks-bad...

. Once I reach this point a sincere craving for French Toast sets in and the mix of protein, carbs, and sugars reset me enough to wake up and do it ALL OVER again the next morning. I better share a tip... mix coconut flour in with your milk & eggs before dipping the toast in and make your own syrup by boiling any fruit, adding a little pineapple juice (something in the pineapple helps it form), then a tablespoon of honey to thicken and sweeten. Truly it becomes the "recovery super food". ALL smiles post run this morning! On paper it was warm up, 6x800, then cool down. The 6x800 were descending and the "beauty" of the workout was to run it like Sally would, "relentlessly positive". That was her theme to live by and today we embraced it on the run as the pace got more challenging and the effort began to require every ounce of strength. We wore her special hot pink socks too and made sure to "smash it" outta the gym the way she ran those repeats. From there, ocean swim recovery style. It was recovery too, then the waves rolled in and it became "admiration time", then the shark came and it became "shark, who has a camera time". And now, it's 4:30 and I'm going to think about going to bed, now... .

Friday, see you tomorrow! Bree

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Focus, Focus, Focus...

Laser focus today folks. It's pretty awesome what you can accomplish when you have your goals in the forefront of your mind. It's as if the excuses, reasons, and whatever else attempts to make you take even a tiny glance in the wrong direction just sort of becomes side lined. Lots of things were side lined for me today, it was all about the bigger picture, focus...focus...focus.

Swim practice, hill repeats on the bike, and a slightly less than goal paced run all challenged me in ways that would have been ridiculously easy to take the "here's an excuse" route, but something bigger kept me moving on. Almost a PR in the pool, 2 seconds from a PR on one of the hills, and a mental hurdle climbed on the run... I will gladly take this day and sleep easy on it!

Coach has me convinced that if I push on with this attitude for the next 2 weeks, (my massive BREE WEE Challenge weeks), then I will be happy with the goal I set and the outcome that will follow. Tomorrow is going to be another long day at the office and knowing its an opportunity to be better and stronger I'm already looking forward to it. Oh believe me, after these 2 "BREE WEE Challenge weeks" the beach will be calling for some salty sweet recovery, till then though, FOCUS...

Aloha ahiahi,


Monday, April 11, 2011

Mahalo Time...

Today lots of shoes showed up for me. MAHALO KSwiss for keeping me running injury free and giving me what I could never afford to buy in the way of shoes and run clothes! Felt like a holiday today, good training topped off with new shoes & run clothes, for sure more than enough to make this girl smile.

While I'm being thankful, SWIFT Carbon has given me 2 new bikes too, again something that I still pinch myself to have been given. My tri bike I adore more than any bike in my life and the road bike has something VERY cool about it that I'll show you with a little help from Kainoa...coming soon!


While I'm not the fastest girl in sport and there is a pretty good chance I won't be making a million doing what I love, I do DO what I love and for that it's beyond enough. But like I said, it would not be possible without those that help make it all happen. Here are my supporters, be sure to support them as I'm pretty good about standing by people/things I believe in and trust...these are a few of them:.

Alright, this is going to be a very long training week so its a good thing I have all those shoes! So much for the BEACHED weekend I just had, it will be opposite this weekend as a very long Saturday is planned and Sunday will follow up with a hard run race and ride to leave me daydreaming about a beach...its gonna be good n' plenty in the life of swimbikerun!

Oh, the shades (seen above) we found after the ocean swim this afternoon. The tsunami is still washing up stuff from all over and sadly, it's nothing compared to Japan. That said, SUPPORT Japan if you can! The run race this Sunday is giving all donations (free to race) directly to Japan, so if you live on Big Island show up at the pier at 8am, bring what your pockets can afford to give, then run for Japan with us! From 1 to 10 miles are the distances you can race (or walk). See ya there! AND if you want to get really smashed, Tim Deboom is on island and is riding from Mauna Lani to Hawi and pulling any and all that want to hug his wheel (meet at 9am).