Saturday, April 2, 2011


How happy am I?? VERY HAPPY! Tomorrow is my 7th Lavaman Triathlon (Ehiku) and this is one of the most fun races ever, anywhere! It's a race that always reminds me of why I love sport and how much sport has brought to my life. Lavaman was the first triathlon I ever saw and the one that had me itching to grab a bike and get in the mix, so the year after I saw it I raced it, loved it, and keep coming back for more. NUMBER 7 tomorrow! . Maybe it's lucky 7 because I got glass riding my race wheels in training today, hope that means tomorrow will be FLATLESS :) A girl can hope, right? Usually prerace has me butterfly filled, a little googley eyed, and somewhat on the edge of my seat. Today, not so much. It began at home with a swim in the same ocean I always swim in, a ride along the same roads I always ride, and of course the same friends and routine that usually fill my life. Very much appreciating to be racing at home... My new bike is FINALLY all systems GO! The new wheels & bars have arrived and set to race. Loving this bike more with each ride we roll. However, the back wheel is now in need of a little help from the glass I rolled over on my ride, sadly I think Ill be on the 1080 tomorrow... a front Swift wheel and back Zipp, it's gonna be my new mismatch style for the race. Kind of like my first triathlon when most my race was mismatched being as I was clueless. AND that is how this girl just might have to roll... Sorry for the lack of posting, I spent all week moving. Pretty thankful that I'm still only a quarter mile from my sister and her family!! However I forget how much Kainoa and I have in our home other than the seashells. Also forgot how much it all weighs and what white walls look worries, we painted the new walls ASAP! Alright, almost LAVAMAN time! Let's go Lavamen & Lavawomen, see ya out there and have a GREAT race! . Bree


Lucy Francis said...

oh that sea of yours! every time you post shots, i just want to jump in: so blue, so full of life.
your bike looks amazing and I hope it gets you one cool PB today

Lucy Francis said...

I surviced the bike race in one piece, got dropped right away, time trialed the whole thing after that. there were loads of crashes and one girl had to be airlifted to hospital.the front girls were trying to get points for a spot on the british olympic team.

tinaparker87 said...