Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday, Do Good for the Philippines...

It's ALOHA Friday and once again Big Island is up to some good. I am personally going to ask for your athletic shoes, new, used, it does not matter as long as they have a mile of running left in them. Before you even begin thoughts of, "Didn't she just ask for shoes and collect something like 400? Does she think we really have more to give?". I do think you (or someone you know) has more to give because the average American buys shoes at least every 4 months and it was December I asked last time, that was 4 months ago. So can I have your shoes please...thanks.
The Philippines is a place that has captured my heart and thankfully, along with a handful of other Big Islanders, we will return to not only race but bring a little sport to the lives of high schoolers in Naga City and Cam Sur. Basically these high schoolers have watched the race run through their back yards for the past couple years and have become curious, inspired, and now want to try. Only thing is, the poverty in their village doesn't allow them the very simple opportunity to even try. No shoes, little to no clothing for sport or even life, and sadly no other knowledge of sport other than seeing the race run through their back yard.
The first time I saw the Ironman run through my back yard I became inspired. Since that moment my life has forever changed and while I may never win a big race or make a million dollars, it has lead me to a life better than that I have ever envisioned. This is my hope, the hope of the team Big Island has put together for Philippines. In even a small way we want to let sport happen for 200 high schoolers all begging for just one opportunity.

The plan is simple:

  1. Collect 200 pairs of shoes and something to race in for each high schooler. We need shoes size 5 women to 10 men (the boys don't mind wearing women's and the women don't mind being in men shoes).

  2. 200 run shorts (new or used) and a sports bra for each girl (new or used), any size you can give. Socks, hats or visors, would be appreciated too.

  3. We are asking for them by May 15. Not much time-YIKES!

  4. If you live on Big Island drop off spots are Bike Works Kona, Bike Works Waikoloa, Starbucks Waikoloa, Big Island Running Company, or Dr. Monica Sheels office.

  5. Outer island or mainland donations please send to :Bike Works
    74-5583 Luhia Street
    Kailua-Kona, Hi 96740
    808 326 2453

  6. Dont forget, MAY 15!!

What's in it for you, FREE COFFEE and FREE SUNSCREEN. If you personally take your shoes to Starbucks Waikoloa you can trade them for coffee. If you personally take your shoes to Dr. Sheels you can trade them for sunscreen. Of course I'm sure if you have the shoes you are happy to give "just because", but the sunscreen and coffee is still yours in trade of your used or new shoes.

What are we going to do with the 200 shoes and training clothes? The Big Island team has organized a 1 mile race for the high schoolers! They are more than thrilled to have the chance to run, to feel the excitement of a race, to be in shoes and spandex, sports bras, a hat! Of course before the race we plan to host a health and fitness clinic. We will do a little mini training session with them and give out all we can on sport to those craving to be part of it. It's going to be SO AWESOME! It's not too late to take part in the Philippines 70.3 race or help with the Big Islands mission. If you live on island we are having a fund raiser May 7th (Cinco De Mayo Splash) where volunteers are needed for water patrol for the 1 mile open water swim. Of course donations at that race will help funding. Get info/application at Bike Works.

Okay then, send me those shoes ASAP! Mahalo PLENTY,



SSB said...

Wish you would have posted this about 4 hours earlier. I would have packed some old shoes & stuff to give you. I'll pass the word on Oahu. A lot of people will be heading to the big island for some Honu training in the next few weeks.

Chloe said...

Awesome! I'll see what I can collect from PCB :)

TriProfessor said...

your generousity is truly inspiring... expect shoes and shorts from Philly!

Lucy Francis said...

I definitely have used shorts, sports bras. It's used stuff but very wearable. I'll send you the package asap.

Damie said...

Bree! I am so glad you are doing this again. I have missed your past few collections, and I have stuff for you! okay, is size 8.5 women's okay?? I wasn't sure if you could only use size 5...maybe I am misreading the post. Love this!!!

Jolene said...

Bree...great timing!!! I will launder a few pairs of our shoes and drop them off stat! PS- Sorry we missed you at the Mac a thon today!

Charisa said...

Awesome, I'm going to my closet now :)

CoachLiz said...

OK, after Church and Easter brunch, I am going to get stuff together to put in the mail tomorrow.