Monday, April 25, 2011

My IPOD-less Week, Day 1.

On the bike and on the run I am very much addicted to the IPOD. Addicted because I rarely leave home without it. Underwater on my ocean swim this morning I was entertained by the simplicity of swimming. One of those swims where you just feel connected to the water, the feel, your body in the swim mode. Despite having your ears under most the time you can hear so much. Its as if all the senses are heightened underwater for me, suppose you could say, "Ears wide open". I was so in the moment, loving the moment, appreciating the moment, IPOD-less training moment.
...and then came my ride. It has been so long, too long, longer than I remember since the last time I rode without the IPOD. I love my IPOD, it's my company, sometimes my motivation, other times my cheerleader, it really fires me up hills, and has me jamming along hot Kona days. Before my ride I read this: The sound of music. Coach wrote it a couple months ago and well, it makes sense. In fact I have been busted using the IPOD even with company (talk about tuning out the training partners). And that my friends was enough to dare myself to go IPOD-less for the week. Who knows, I might like it and ditch it more, but for now its a single workout at a time, especially since most of my training is solo and Ive developed a dependency.
On the ride I played a game, "What do I hear?" It began by hearing each and every sound, I was "listening" for sounds, all of them. Halfway into the ride I was in that zen like moment I had on my swim, pure focus, in the moment, IPOD-less, ears wide open but not trying to hear anything in particular. It was pretty cool to find that "hard for me to reach silent" spot on the bike that happens mainly on the swim.
A very easy run was next and I confess, I used some friends for talking story to cruise through it. I've yet to challenge the long run without an IPOD, that will happen later in the week. Finally, yoga. I've really got to make peace with all this "be in the moment, chill out, focus, mentally strengthen my mind without my ears being stuffed with songs", and so yoga was the cherry on the top. I try to avoid yoga at all costs, mainly because I'm always full speed ahead in my motherhood-tri-momma life and yoga feels like I just chill there mentally making my "to-d0" list. Well, I didn't make a list in class tonight (was tempted), I focused more and more and more without an IPOD.

Enjoy your IPODS for me, if you hear any very cool songs sing them for me too, and I'll keep working on finding some peace on my path to focus.



Meredith said...

I've been learning to do my workouts without an iPod. It's teaching me to be mentally strong in my darkest times. I hope you have a great week without it.

Mon Amour said...

I always run with my ipod. I can do everything else without out but running really requires the music for me. Good luck without yours this week!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Oh Bree, it is not a big deal at all....actually it is freeing. I think I wear my IPOD maybe 1-2x/month. NEVER on my bike (too dangerous outside) here in Chicago - and really just unless it is like -20F outside maybe...but I think the Ipod ruins the purity of the running and breathing and body focus while training. this will be good! Enjoy!

PipTook said...

I'm the opposite - I bought an iPod and never use it for working out. It's way too dangerous while biking (seriously, how do you bike safely with that thing?), and I like being able to listen to my body while running. (For one thing, music totally throws me off my naturally good pacing.)

Lucy Francis said...

Bree, you’ll be pleased to know that not all of us use the IPOD in training (in my case- creative ZEN!). Although I love music, I actually prefer to run without it because I like to hear the birds singing and generally be aware of what goes on around me, also for safety reasons. This is the time when I visualize my races and think about my life in general - It is my meditation time. Perhaps because I’m on the phone with clients all day, this quiet time acts as an antidote to the rest of my day.
On the bike, I just find it dangerous. I also like to associate music with relaxation. The only time I can’t escape it is during my spin class where the instructor plays some killer tunes to works really hard, so some songs have become synonymous with hills and hard efforts. Phew!
Nevertheless, I’m going to look out for some tunes that you may have not heard before(british stuff) and send you some links  for when the hard work is done and you’re watching those beautiful sunsets.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

What a fun yoga pose! Good luck going music-free. You put in some pretty long hours and I can see how music helps them tick along.

Brian said...

Bree, while I normally leave the ipod at home while running/biking sometimes you just need a pick me up. Check out a blast from the past album, Rusted Root When I woke. It's a great album for an LSD run or an awesome tempo album. You will thank me for this! Be safe!