Thursday, April 14, 2011


Is it Friday yet?? Last night after swim practice survival mode set in. This is a good spot to be on the journey to reaching for something, like hard work. It's also the place where you have to hold your eyeballs open with your hands 'cause you're so tired, the place where you question how old you really are for without a doubt you shouldn't be hunched over and creaking when you wake up at your age, and of course its the spot where all your laundry stinks-bad...

. Once I reach this point a sincere craving for French Toast sets in and the mix of protein, carbs, and sugars reset me enough to wake up and do it ALL OVER again the next morning. I better share a tip... mix coconut flour in with your milk & eggs before dipping the toast in and make your own syrup by boiling any fruit, adding a little pineapple juice (something in the pineapple helps it form), then a tablespoon of honey to thicken and sweeten. Truly it becomes the "recovery super food". ALL smiles post run this morning! On paper it was warm up, 6x800, then cool down. The 6x800 were descending and the "beauty" of the workout was to run it like Sally would, "relentlessly positive". That was her theme to live by and today we embraced it on the run as the pace got more challenging and the effort began to require every ounce of strength. We wore her special hot pink socks too and made sure to "smash it" outta the gym the way she ran those repeats. From there, ocean swim recovery style. It was recovery too, then the waves rolled in and it became "admiration time", then the shark came and it became "shark, who has a camera time". And now, it's 4:30 and I'm going to think about going to bed, now... .

Friday, see you tomorrow! Bree

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