Friday, April 29, 2011

Slip Up's and Slippers (slippahs)...

Dear Friends, it ain't always easy training where it's breezy. A perfectly beautiful spot on Earth can produce some very ugly moments in training, first hand experience riiiiiiiiiiiiight here. In fact I have started a collection of coaches notes for days like this, I call them my "love notes", because I have to reread them when something I love (training) drives me absolutely through a loop of frustration.
You know the things that happen, the ones that have you missing a workout (insert sick child home from school), the things that have you start practice late or getting out early, the things that happen and sometimes you just don't land on your feet. Anyways, these days happen and a small collection of them sometimes start to make you feel lousy, lazy, out of shape, (common feeling that is usually so not the case for us triathletes, but that's how we feel). FINALLY we get back to routine and well, now the motivation is challenged, maybe discouragement hits, and of course you feel sad because you had a plan mapped out but the map now has a few u-turns and detours. Anyways, it's then that I have to re-read the "love notes".
Okay so how do I deal?? Get back on the horse? Re-spark motivation? Well, I don't really have an answer, I'm in the middle of getting out of my slip ups as we speak. This week has been blah in training. Today I made myself lead all of masters and not let the boy in the lane next to me ever beat me to a wall, (it hurt, I was not in shape to do that, but I gave it my best, it worked enough to fire me up for my bike ride like nobody's business), and tomorrow I am going on the group ride for the first time all season just to get my @$$ kicked, because when you have been in a slip up sometimes the only way out is to have your @$$ kicked out of it... so that's my plan. Humble pie I am ready to eat you till I am outta of my slip ups! YUMMY!
Now to the slippers. The most popular shoe in the state of Hawaii is the slipper (slippahs if you say it like the local boys n' girls). Why in the world am I mentioning this? Because I'm running and kicking my @$$ out of my slip ups remember, so I figure I better tell you all the types of slippers we have on the island (or a few from my closet) that will be worn between the bike shoes and run shoes :)
I call these my "training slippers". KSwiss specials, they go on and off before and after the run shoes go on and off, they go to swim practice with me shoes!!

These are my favorites! Last 2 pairs were stolen from the pier. The only reason I love them so much is because the most innocent boy I know (Kainoa) saw them and said, "Look mom, you are on the slipper". I have never laughed so hard in my entire life, now I claim them!

My super slippahs! They make you taller, need I say more?

Slippers to keep your feet warm n' fuzzy Hawaiian style :)

Skinny trap slippers, love these so much I lost the other blue one and now have to wear it with a black one.

Dress slippers. We have leather ones for "fancy occasions" and of course black ones for the little black dress days...or nights.

Kainoa's collection at the moment, he goes through them faster then I wear out a bikini!

Animal print slippers, a girl loves her animals, right?!
The best around! Locals are the most affordable and can handle walks on the rocks, usually the last to get stolen from the parties where everyone leaves their shoes at the door, and of course they go with everything...

These were a gift, just can't help but keep them in the collection...


Alright, keep on training through the slip ups, a few won't hurt us unless we let them...happy training! And remember, "success has many different outfits but always wears the same comfortable dancing shoes"-Mary Anne Radmacher




Lucy Francis said...

What a collection fo flip flops! it puts mine to just have 4 pairs and compared to yours mine look very boring.
I specially love the ones with the picture of "you" on them :-) and the the ones with the blue strap.
do you have any havaianas (brazilian flip flops) over there too?

you're such a toughie, to put youself in a position where you will either push yourself or be pushed in training. It's refreshing to know that all of us have ups and downs in our motivation to train, for one reason or another.

jackie said...

Kids and flip flops=too cute!! I wish I could wear mine all the time but they have rules against that at work! :(
Look for a box coming your way for the Philippines, check the insides of the shoes. Do you know you can stuff all kinds of stuff into a shoe (swim suit). Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to give back to others, love it!!

Jamie said...

Wow, you've got a lotta sandals even for a Hawaiian girl, Bree!

I only have two pairs. I wear them all the time in the spring/summer, but they've lasted me FOREVER. One pair is almost 10 years old! (no joke)

They definitely show their age, but I love 'em too much to throw them out.

I hope you find your mojo again soon.