Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today in Training...

The highlight of today's ride n' run on the island was getting lei'd on the way home from Hawi! It's not everyday that happens, I mean what girl doesn't enjoy smelling like plumerias during a long ride. Training was a smashing success today, in a few dozen ways. The first being a long ride, a run off the bike, good job on nutrition, lots of incredible company, and being able to push through such an important session after a hard week of swimbikerun. Over and over I remind myself...2 weeks, 2 weeks, 2 weeks, 2 wants a 2 week "Bree Wee challenge camp" out of me and that's what I am trying to manage as best as I excuses, get the work done.
Another very rare and highly fortunate note worth mentioning in training, is Tim and Nicole Deboom hosting the Hawi ride. It's not everyday professionals in any sport just want to come along as company, as regular people, and join in with anyone and everyone. Usually I'm a little in the backseat when super stars are in the mix but Tim had this "I'm just like everyone else" sort of presence about him and instantly I wanted to ride next to him when the opportunity to get off his wheel happened.


It happened. In that part of the ride I had to ask all the things I wanted to ask such a superstar who acted more like the neighbor boy next door. Things like, sport, triathlon, The World Champs, (like him I'm not chasing points this year either), and I was wondering how a man who loves this race so much, who's won it, who is good at it, would handle just "watching it" this year. He gave me some light and I felt better about my plan this year and the races I did line up. He really loves sport, like A LOT. I do too. In our chat I found sometimes loving something so much means taking a different approach to it too. Then of course I had to ask some run questions, he gave me answers. He would answer anything... it was a very good ride for me as much mentally as physically.

When it was Hawi refuel time, his choice of PowerBar Bites, (I watched his every move), was no match for my 5 bananas and 2 mangoes, island style is the way I roll...
Off the bike coach gave me a run and thankfully 3 of the boys were game to run along with me. The company was just what I needed to keep this day flowing strong and the motivation full blast. We ran the hottest loop in all of the island (or at least it felt like it, unless you actually run on the lava). By the time I landed in the shower my entire body said, "STOP" and thankfully I'm pau for the day. Another good training day in the bank, gotta love it despite the "feel like poop on a stick" feeling. Tomorrow I'm going to smash out a good run for Japan then cruise on my bike!


Keep up the hard work, we got this!!!


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Lucy Francis said...

you're so lucky, having all of these stars dropping by to join you on rides. I often think what it must be like to live in Kona with the BIG RACE on your doorstep. Does that add to the pressure of wanting to qualify?