Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tuesday in Karate...

I learned a lot in karate class today, not my class, Kainoas karate class. Its amazing the things you learn sitting on the sidelines, not that I have ever enjoyed be on the sidelines in any part of life. Sometimes looking in from out you get a different perspective though, that view can carry over into other areas of life…today my tri life.

The students all stand in line facing the sensai and repeat a little something to get them on the right track when class gets rolling. They say, “I focus my eyes, I focus my mind, I focus my body”. I loved sitting there seeing little 3-5 year olds get off on the right foot. Reflecting on my best workouts and races it is so true that the eyes, mind, and body are all focused on the job at hand, in that moment, a single moment at a time.

Then I kept hearing these words over and over throughout class, ”Focus, balance, confidence, respect, discipline, dedication, motivation, seek, understand, power” . Those little children are doing so much more in that class than kicking and punching, they are learning some valuable words to live by! I know adults, (myself included at times), who forget to bring their confidence when facing giants, who lose our balance in life, have little to no respect for ourselves or others, and the list goes on. So again, my tri life stood out and these words I am going to drizzle more into my training and goals. I really should sign up for karate class!

Finally, the part that hit home for me, perfect during this block of training that just so happens to be very challenging and more of a mind over matter block was this, “You gotta have a target or you’re just kicking into space”. So very true. As I sat watching sensai holding a target and some children kick confidently in the direction of the target, foot meeting the goal, a loud boom was made. Mission accomplished so to speak. Others lost focus and kicked into the air, without eyes focused on the target the kick simply reached air, just air, no loud boom. With a goal and eyes, mind, and body focused on that goal its going to be a lot easier to hear the booms we are chasing then it will be when we kick only the air…

Thankfully karate is 3x a week, Ive got so much to learn.

Oh, tried to take this with my phone, excuse the blurrrr. Each week sensai writes something new and motivating on the board, this week is worth posting, "Champions arent made in gyms, champions are made from something they have deep inside them. A desire, a dream, a vision. They have the human skill and the will, but the will must be stronger than the skill."-Muhammad Ali


Nitsirk said...

I love this post. So many good things in it that we need to remember when we are totally consumed by our job/workout/life etc. This also makes me want to sign my son up for karate when he is old enough. So much more than just exercise!

bart said...

Love this one!
How come I'm not surprised Kainoais into karate?
good luck to both of you
cheers! B

Whitney said...

What a great post Bree! My sister got me a necklace that say "She Belived She Could So She Did" to remind me to bring my confidence into races. Have a great weekend and stay strong in your training!

Lucy Francis said...

I have just read this post now. These children are learning such an important skill that they can apply for the rest of theirs lives, and as you rightly say we could all learn form it too.