Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ahhhhhhh....Feet Up.

This was a hi-light, maybe the hi-light of my day. Feeling stoked about a good hard swim and sharing a very simple medal with Kainoa. He collects every medal and hangs them in his room as if they were Gold medals won from the Olympics. Seriously, any finish medal means THAT MUCH to him. I bet when you crossed your first finish line, whatever age, whatever distance, whatever sport, and got that medal for whatever place, even if only a finisher medal, it was important to you. He still has that "AWESOME, so excited, super important" feeling even after all the medals I've given to him. He makes me remember....

I LOVE today's medal! This open water swim race (Cinco de Mile) was my first open water swim race, of course swam in a bikini much better suited for surfing. An 8 year old beat me out, almost the entire High school team, a couple grandparents, a dog, most the island actually. But I was HOOKED! Instantly fell in love with open water swimming and instantly joined Kona Aquatics swim team to prevent any more puppy dogs beating me out of the water.


As for kids, they still remain my swim heroes! For the past few years I have done everything from swim with them in practice, smack talk, beg and bribe them to let me hold their feet, any and all things to limit the distance between them and me. This morning Coach Steve let me wear the #1. Body marked as #1 might mean pressure to some, to me it meant "let's get the highschoolers fired up". Wearing the number that rightfully belonged to any of them, I made sure to remind them to look out for me. It pushed them and in return made me work that much harder to hang on. Oh, I held on till the last 3oo meters when they turned on a final gear and kicked a finishing kick that had me bleeding out the eyeballs!


The first 3 boys put in a surge and gaped us girls, then the states 2 best HS girls dropped me like a horribly bad habit, and I just about turned into chum, fish bait. 18 seconds stood between the first girl and me (the 3rd girl). MUCH better than the usual 2-3 minutes! It was a very big deal of a swim for me, I try so outrageously hard in the swim, mostly because it does not come natural to me. Loving the water-VERY natural, moving in it-not so much.

I am celebrating that swim. A nice mile in the most painful of ways! I am still in AWE of the high school girls and will continue to use them as the motivation I need to get in the pool and swim back and forth, back and forth, back and forth...

Of course Kainoa had a nice swim too. He takes after me in the swims, always on a mission for some feet to draft!! After the swim was my SUNDAY run. AND I am SO GLAD to have that run DONE. Not only did it spank me, hurt me, and push me to a new mentally challenging place, it now means tomorrow (the real Sunday) I can PLAY all Mother's Day long! Finally feet up after a week worth claiming in my tri-life. The hard part for me is when things are going strong, like this week, I get motivated to DO MORE, GO MORE, and that's when days off, such as tomorrow, save me from landing in the burnout box.

At the recovery ponds with Kainoa...

Tomorrow is finally Mother's Day. A day very dear to my heart! In more ways then ever imaginable Kainoa has challenged me to be a better person and live this life to the fullest. He has tested me and blessed me in a single moment, most moments. It's been said that a woman's greatest strength is her child (or children), I agree...
To all the mom's, MOST Happy Mother's Day to you. To my mom, you are the most amazing woman I know. Thank you for all the prayers that have gotten me out of some adventures I don't even know how I got myself into, thank you for instilling in me a passion to love life and people, and mostly, thank you for the courage you helped me find to become the mom I am daily learning to be... Love you mom.




Beth said...

Happy Mom's Day Bree!! Kainoa is so lucky to have you...and vice versa! :) And congrats on your awesome swim! :)

Lucy Francis said...

so much fun on this island! there aren't enough hours in the day to do all these cool races I'm sure