Friday, May 20, 2011

ALOHA Friday....

Happy ALOHA Friday! This has been a pretty good week in all things life, love, and sport. First I would like to thank the Frenchmen who created the bikini. Truly it is a wonderful little outfit perfect for days on the island and countless hours on the beach and in the ocean, who am I kidding, its great on all occasions. In fact, I was helping my friend recently shop for a new bikini and I told her she needs a black one, for special occasions...yep, special days in 2 pieces do happen in Hawaii.


Today is the 55th anniversary of the Bikini Island Bombing, (remember the Marshallese Project??) Today marks the 55 years since America played the roll of "mess maker", and well, the only good from that was the creation of the bikini... In 1946 we got our 2 pieces. Today us girls are "remembering & supporting the Marshallese" bombing by proudly wearing bikinis...

As for sport this week, take a little peek, a beautiful rainbow strung across the evening sky during swim practice Wednesday. Oh, it was a rough workout, the kind that require mental and physical strength in abundance! But with all difficulties comes something the end. We got our rainbow.


Speaking of beauty at the end, yesterday was the run of the season for me thus far. 10x800. That set alone speaks for itself to a girl like me-run for your life! I'm not exactly a gazelle in 2 shoes and for me to make run gains it takes a village (or a handful of Kona's best runners). With some boys we set out to get 'er done. Of course each of us had their own goal pace and of course I was freaking out that I would do number 1 feeling like a rock star and blow up by number 3 (happens a lot to me). After 2:50 I asked Jason (pacing his for his 1:14 half marathon) what the heck next because I went 10 seconds faster than the numbers I was sent to run with. He told me this:


"Bree if you want to make it you can".


He was very matter-of-fact about it, I wanted to make it. Then I made a 2:45 and till number 7 all of them were dipping under 2:50. I love running with boys better than me, they just get the work done even if we rode long the day before and felt Honolulu Tri in our legs, it was good for me to be around such optimistic runners, one of them even trying to channel his inner Ryan Hall...


At number 8 the body was still alive and well. However my mind was entering the battle zone. "Bree you nut, you ran the first 7 faster than the numbers you were supposed to follow, are you ready to walk 8-10?", "Hey Bree, the boys are like 20 seconds ahead of you, do you like being back here by yourself, maybe you should just jog". It was so dumb. For being such a positive person it baffles me how in running my head turns so sour. So I made a game, I asked the boys if I can leave 1o seconds in front of them so they aren't so far up the road and then maybe the voices will stop. They let me, I was the rabbit.


2:39, maybe 2:40, in any case it was my best one at number 8. The plan worked. However, I know in a race I can't just ask for a 10 second lead, so I did the next with only 5 seconds head start, then tried to hold Jason when he zipped by me and did all it took not to let the others catch me. By the end of the workout nothing hurt as bad as my face, all smiles. This was a workout very much desired. It's not that I don't always work hard, I just don't always go fast. This week had a little faster in it...
...and with faster comes cold. 50 pounds of ice in the tub with cold water running over it only to return from the kitchen a minute later to find Kainoa had the water on boiling hot to melt the ice! He wanted mommy's bath warm and the ice to be melted so he could get in. I never took an ice was "luke warm". Ah, that's the life of a tri-mom!!


Just believe....



Kelly said...

Ha! The ice bath is foiled! My boys love to dump the ice in after I am already in...of course in NY we don't need 50 lbs to get the water cold! Happy training.

Jill Costantino said...

Love how the little dude had to "warm" your tube! Wore a bikini for you - well for the marshallese and for myself! hahaha!

Lucy Francis said...

I have never seen so many bikins together!!! I didn't even know there were so many options? how cool. If i lived there I would probably have a mini wardrobe for them :-)

10 x 800m! Phew, just reading it made me hurt. Track training is my least favourite session. well done on making teh splits and managing to run faster on those last ones. those are were nearly everyone (me included) throw in the towel