Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chasing The Boys...

After swim practice the faster boys on the island invited me to run my intervals with them, more like chase them. It's very easy for me to agree, they are great guys, much faster than me, very positive, encouraging, and well...I'm okay with being humbled. And as every girl knows, one of the best ways to get stronger is to chase the boys.

If you have yet to run with people better than you, DO NOT BE SHY. For too long I have run solo only to find little progress. Enough of that, I will chase boys (or the faster girls) any opportunity I get. Here's why... “There is a phenomenon when running with people where you run faster and it feels easier, runners change their pace when in a group" Rob Udewitz (sports psychologist)

My Top 5 Reasons For Running With Boys:

  1. If you whine they tell you to loosen your bra strap, pretty much to shut up.

  2. They are proud of you when your breakfast comes up.

  3. You learn to run in silence (and focus on your own breathing & effort), most the time they work so hard they don't have time or energy to speak.

  4. You learn what it means to "fight to the finish".

  5. The view.

I'm most certain you can add to the list. When in a group there is a much higher success rate for everyone, no matter the independent goals. Even if your goal is simply to run more, you can accomplish that just by knowing you have a group waiting for you to show up. Maybe your goal is to learn pacing or technique, both those things come along when other runners are at your side. Group running doesn't have to be every run, but on the speed days or long days when you need a little motivation, chase...



SHERRY said...

I agree with you on all accounts. I've often avoided fast group runs for fear of being dropped, embarrassed... you name it! I finally joined in my first one a couple of weeks ago and I was certainly dropped by the fasties, but never once felt embarrassed. The group was actually very supportive and encouraging.

That picture is precious, Bree...

Charisa said...

Oh i can totally relate to this :) SO TRUE!!

Lucy Francis said...

That's so true. I do 1 club run with my club and i always work harder than if i was on my own. And because we may have newcomers to club and people at various stages in their own training, I get to run with different people. sometimes I'm the leader other times (happens most often!) I'm the one chasing, uffing and puffing through a tought little course we use in our local park at
Hampstead heath: http://www.hampsteadheath.net/

Teresa said...

Group training is the best...and with boys is even better :)