Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kainoa's Mile...

Coolest Mother's Day EVER, ever, EVER! Kainoa has officially ran his first solo mile. It's been a very big deal to only encourage and support his every idea, goal, plan, and dream, but to never push, pressure, or persuade him to do anything out of his own desires. I don't want him to feel like he has to do swimbikerun because mom does, I want him to want to on his own...


Today was the Mother's Day Peaman Biathlon, swim and run. Kainoa the water lover had no desire to swim, but to run, he woke up fired up to lace up the shoes and get running! In fact I had to slow him down, sit him down, and try to calm him down at 4:15am (almost 4 hours before the start!). Talk about a nice wake-up call!


Because I'm so excited I'll tell you the ending first. He ran his mile in 12:06! I was beyond happy, not because of the time or anything (even though I wish my parents out me in a race at 4 and knew my mile time), just stoked because that little boy ran and LOVED it all! He cheered for the other runners, hi-fived the aunties and uncles, and waved to his friends. It was so cool!

Hahahahahaha, classic photo! He's totally acting like it was just another day and I'm smiling so big it hurts. I suppose you could call me a very proud mom today, always.
The Kona keiki lined up waiting for the start of the swim. The children are so much fun!

AND... they are off!! The adults are that crowd a little further out to sea. Lieto led the pack for us big kids. From the swim finish it was time to tag Kainoa and get him off and running his mile! Wee Relay was in full force and it was the most fun Mother's Day I can remember!

Okay, that was his fun mile. Tomorrow starts a BUNCH of miles for this momma! Another big "push hard" week that will land me on Oahu Friday for a training weekend of fun over there! Kainoa's mile was all the motivation I needed to fire me up for another week of my tri-life...


Happy Training,



Dawn said...

Love it... just too cute! Great post, Bree! Happy Mother's Day from IL! :)

Michelle Simmons said...

That is awesome! How FUN!
See you Sunday! :)

Heidi Austin said...

Awww how cute I are so blessed Bree! Hope you had a good mothers day :)

Lucy Francis said...

How brilliant! (sorry I'm just catching up with your posts today) how did you manage to stop yourself from giving him a training plan or race tactics advice?
He looks like he enjoyed himself and at his age that's what matters. the love for sport is being planted and it will hopefully grow for many years to come. You should be proud, i wish my mum had been like you in that respect.

Soulrunner said...

Realy nicve Pictures.

Great Stuff !!!
What a mothers Day :-)

Marco the Soulrunner
from Germany

Kelly said...

What a great post! I know those proud moments well. Ryan and Noah just did a 1/2 mile run and to see them cross that finish line with a huge smile was the highlight of my day!