Friday, May 13, 2011

Remember The Sunscreen....

The bike is in the box, the clothes are in the bag, the shoes are laced, it is time to jump on a plane to the other island in search of a hard 2hours of effort swimbikerun style. Beyond, WAY beyond, excited! Training has been going very good, you know the days that feel amazing, the days you feel horrible, the days you reach goals, and the days you are in sheer frustration because the body feels like poop and the goals were not at all reached, not even close. It's those days you have to hang on even tighter without letting discouragement set in.
Anyways, the past few weeks have been all the ups and downs of every triathlon journey roller coaster on the way to a BIG RACE. My big race is Hawaii 70.3 in 3 weeks. So what's this weekend? A break... not really a break, but a "training day" on the Honolulu Triathlon race course. I'm one of those girls that enjoy racing and if a race fits into the plan on the way to a bigger race then coach works it into the big picture.
These races are awesome for me, they have little to no pressure, they help measure where in the world my training is at so we can make some fixes here and there on the way to the bigger race, and they are FUN! Oahu has always been a FUN place for Kona peeps...its the BIG CITY! Malls, crowds, shops, traffic, speedy drivers, sky scrapers, lots of restaurants, it is a blast! Of course there are gorgeous beaches, the tucked away cliffs, hikes, and mother nature like you have never seen! But I'm thinking "train-race-mode" till Sunday finish line, THEN PLAY (recovery style)...

Alright, the sunscreen has now been packed, everything is set to go. Off to the airport, OAHU here we come!

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Lucy Francis said...

Have a great training race in Honululo. Honu sounds er...too much like where i live...but with beaches, better weather and gorgeous nature.

By the way I'm having a Hawaiian flavoured weekend as I'm attending the aquatic edge workshops run by your fellow islander Karlyn Pipes-nielsen. :-) take care Bree