Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Swim, Run, Ride...into Summer!

Okay, okay, so it's always Summery in Hawaii, but today it is SUMMER with ALL THINGS Summer in full bloom! For starters, the sharks are cruising the shore line. Sunday one of them swam itself right on up to Lymans Beach, (a favorite surf spot) and knocked a woman and her grandson off their board, then took a bite out of the board, she kicked the shark and they got away safe...THANKFULLY neither of them were injured. However, a 16 foot shark in a favorite surf/swim beach reminds me Summer time is here. Note: sharks are always in the ocean, Jaws theme song now playing in my head...
Sooooooo, Monday morning landed me in the above pool, I took a day out of the ocean since the beach was still closed while the helicopters scoped the coast line. It's the tiny Club pool where Kona Aquatics used to swim. In a few ways it was like the ocean, no lanes. After knocking out a few people I jumped out and called it a shark infested mess. Today more than made up for yesterdays swim. Kona Aquatics pool (the big one), was open and practice was in session! And how does that let me know it's Summer?? It was WARM at 6am in that water and a couple of the girls swam in 2 pieces, YES!!!

Summer Swim Main Set:

  • 12x100 descend (you have to drop everyone for it to count)

  • 10x75 descend-pick up up faster pace than the 100's

  • 8x50 descend-you better be flying now and don't forget, each one must get faster, no starting easy though!

  • 6x25 all fast and getting faster
Onto the bike! Summer on the bike means a few things, one of them being NEW RACE KITS! Yes, YES, Yes, (insert triple fist pumps). Love the colors so much! I chose my favorite blue, Kainoa's favorite color red, and of course black in the bottom area since last season I had a bad experience in white and everyone told me go black! Thanks KSwiss!!
Today's run was HOT. Hot=Summer. Okay that makes no sense on the island, but it felt like a Summer run because everyone was out! I'm talking strollers, racers, kids that are out for Summer just cruising on the streets with skate boards, it felt like dodging people more than cars and that was mid afternoon, after the swim & bike! Oh, and it's time to buy more sunscreen, that's Summer for sure!
Finally, my favorite Summer twist on between workouts snack: Ezekiel raisin toast with almond butter, bananas, honey drizzle, and sprinkles of bee pollen! The bees are busy right now, that means more fresh pollen and honey on the island-ALOHA SUMMER!


Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

I would pay money to get to wear that kit! :-) Maybe without your son's name on the booty, but still!

Christi said...

I love the new kit! You chose the best colors!

Can you send a little summer to Colorado? We are still getting rain, sleet, snow and cold winds. Not fun!

Keep rockin' island girl!

PocoLocoMan said...

wow, thank goodness grandmom and grandson didn't get hurt! New kit looks great : )

tinaparker87 said...

Bee Pollen on top! Never tried that. The almond butter sounds good.

I love blue, but I think you look good in a darker blue or PINK. On ther hand, you rock everything :)

Kim said...

Love the new kit! So cute! Yippeee for summer! It finally came to PA and I am sooo happy!!! I better be, I'll be on my bike for one whopping long time this weekend!!

Lucy Francis said...

Oh My! I assume the shark was one that eats people...I never think of that but yes they are in the sea and could pop up anywhere (we get basking sharks in the uk with HUGE mouths but they only eat plancton). Glad to know none was hurt.
I absolutely love the dark blue/light blue of your gear and yes, i too would pay money to wear it :-).
I'm not sure about your dish this week, aren't people allergic to bee's pollen? what does it taste like?