Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello Summer!

The first day of Summer was spent on the island of Oahu. Despite the fact Hawaii is hot and hotter year round, Summer is in the air! I mean, the longest day of the year & National Bikini Day today, those are for sure signs of Summer! And we got a South swell to kick it into action...
My day began with a run up and over Diamond Head and through Waikiki. Running here is always so pretty to me, so different than back home in Kona makes me love it and at the same time appreciate home all the more. The best part of my first run of summer was the rainbow! It shined up the entire coast line and had me counting blessings like a crazy girl on a mission. For some reason whenever a rainbow fills the sky I get a little more motivated to live my life better, can't explain it, just makes me feel good seeing colors fill the sky like that...
Then a surf! How can you not spend the start of Summer in the ocean?! (Don't answer that if you are landlocked). As children, when school let out for Summer all we did was play! Outside games, bbq's, you name it, we played it! Then we get older and the start of Summer is just an ordinary day, nothing worth celebrating-ugh, not me, I never want to let go of my childlike passion to celebrate! One of my best friends I grew up surfing with, (she lives on the North Shore), met up with me after my training and we waxed some boards & lived like kids again-celebrating Summer! It was the perfect recovery for my tired legs and of course nothing refreshes the motivation like a little "cross training".

Tiffany about to tackle the long paddle...

One of the best things about life on an island is all the endless opportunities to enjoy outside . One of the hard parts of having your job be the use of your body is all the endless opportunities to enjoy outside. Part of you wants to save every drop of energy for the next swimbikerun and of course be careful not to break, twist, sprain, or hurt anything. The other part wants to live life to the fullest so when you are 80 you don't regret anything, like sitting inside all day playing it safe. So...today...being nearly 3wks out from another half ironman I was thanking my lucky stars to run up the beach after surfing in one piece!


Okay, now that the first day of Summer is over it's back to business. Just swimbikerun, I'll keep my "cross training" activities limited to yoga and stretching. You know, indoor activities.

If you ask me, I put myself in way more risk of harm just driving in the big city of Honolulu than a surf session. 6 lanes of traffic had my heart rate through the roof way more than any wipe out today.


Happy Summer!!



Ordinarylife said...

Its so funny that you call 21st the start of summer. We say that summer is on its way - as it is the shortest day here. I guess if we were following your rules we would call it the start of winter - heck NO! All I can say is SUMMER IS ON ITS WAY! yay.

Lucy Francis said...

the first day of your summer which lasts for 365 days :-)eh eh
here we had a moonsoon in the morning and super sunny in the afternoon - a winter/summer day.
although i'm landlocked now it wasn't always like this as I grew up by the sea and as soon as it was warm enough weekends were spent at the beach followed by a icnic and a snooze in the nearby woods. Best days of my life!
enjoy those waves and ocean safely

The Nottage Fambily said...

You are right! Living the island life is so sweet!!