Monday, June 20, 2011

RETUL-ing Around Oahu...

Today was a very important day at the office, it involved a trip to Oahu for my final bike fit. Good news, MY BIKE FITS! Andrew is the man in Hawaii if you want to become a team with your bike. It's amazing how something little, less than an inch, can throw things off big time. It's even more cool to see how 4 little things, (I had 4 to fix up), can totally make your bike feel like an entirely new ride.

There's my beautiful Swift Strike pre-retuled. The changes we made were both minor and major, (at least to me, the girl who has ridden that bike all over the Big Island). The biggest fix were my cranks. The length was clearly too long and despite the fact I often struggled to spin even in the little ring, it took Andrews magic retul-ing to discover it for me. Now, fully equipped with smaller cranks I can spin! In fact I may have reached a new spin record for me and hopefully will forever lose that ridiculous 73 cadence that I "spin".


We moved the seat forward a little and up a little. We also made some adjustments to the bars and my bike shoes. So excited about it all and even more thrilled to be fitting my bike just right...

MAJOR mahalos to Andrew Tanaka of 808 Bike Fit! Seriously, I'm stoked about this bike fit and thankful to have someone willing to touch my disgusting bike shoes to make it happen!

I originally intended to make this trip all business and no play, but the small town girl in me HAD to get out of the big city of Honolulu. Traffic, 6 lanes of it had me scared out of my mind, so of course I headed North where it's just 2 lanes like back home. Oh the beautiful beaches calmed me right down. Tomorrow I've got some training to do and I am thrilled to do it on this island, exploring some new roads and swim spots, (out of traffic hopefully). I'll keep you posted!


Happy Spinning!



Lynn said...

I LOVE the north shores of Oahu. Not a fan of Waikiki or Honolulu. The islands have such natural beauty and after spending our vaca on the Big Island and then Kauai, couldn't stand the big city. Hubby wanted to see the war stuff, but then we spent the rest of the Oahu part at Shark's Cove and what not at the north end. Beautiful! Enjoy your stay!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

So many little things to adjust on a bike! Glad that yours is all fixed up!

Lucy Francis said...

you've just sold the Retul bike fitting service to me, we ahve one here in London and I'm gonna make that the next thing on my list of things to do after this racing season (too scared to do it right in the middle of it!!!)
super nerd question now: what size are your cranks? mine are 170mm but I have the feeling they're not small enough