Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Sips....

Guess what time it is?! It's Summer, yes I'm still pretty excited about Summer, it means a lot of things, like more races! In 2 days is the half marathon and in 2 weeks is REV3 Portland! Training has been kicking my okole, the sun has been shining down full force, and cooling off requires more than just ocean swims.
I've got two of my favorite sips to share, (my apologies if you have been witness to the green and purple thirst quenchers already).
Hawaiian Lemonade:
3 cups spinach
Huge chunk of ginger (The size of a cork x2, you might only want half that)
3 lemons or limes (limes are the favorite in the Wee house)
1 apple.
Put it all in the juicer, (spinach first). The ginger will give you lots of energy to keep up with your life, spinach adds a little iron after those grueling Summertime workouts, limes/lemons are loaded with vitamin C, and the apple a day keeps the doctor away, says my grandma. For real though, this drink is good ice cold, like ginger lemonade, and the apple takes the "green" flavor from totally taking over.
Purple Paradise Smoothie:
2 cups beet juice (juice it first or buy it)
1 frozen/chopped banana
2 cups frozen cherries (or blueberries or 1/2 of each)
1 cup frozen pineapple
Ginger to spice it up (as much as you like)
After you have the beets & ginger juiced (or bought) pour it into the blender with the other ingredients. It's tastes better than it sounds...honest!
Speaking of cool and refreshing, here are some tips for surviving the cool race events, such as REV3 Portland: Read here. Hey, good luck to everyone racing Kona Marathon Runs & IM CDA this weekend, hope you have the race you trained and hope for! WHOOOP WHOOOOOP!!


Lucy Francis said...

This reminds me I hardly ever use my juicer. ops! better make note of these recipes.
How can you be so excited about summer when it's summer every day where you are?
Here, when the sun is out and it's a little bit hot (almost never)everyone rushes out of the office and strips off at the nearest park at lunch time. lots of people take the day off sick too.
Here's a funny ad that really captures how we behave:

Good luck for the 1/2 marathon tomorrow!

marian said...

those juices look good!!!

see you in portland! i will be a volunteer at the finish line at rev3.
the weather has been fickle - sunny one day, 69 degrees today with a slight breeze. anything can happen here.