Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hele On...

The REV3 Portland transition is almost set to fill with bikes, bottles, and triathletes. The calm before the storm. I love how much a transition area changes from Saturday to Sunday, it's like another world once the excitement and action fills it. As for action...I feel good. This race week I tried to find the perfect balance between resting and moving. In fact I let myself sleep in.
Race week I always force myself to get up around race wake-up time so my body can adjust. However, my body is just not adjusted to the 3 hour time change yet, sure it's minimal, but for once I tried something new, sleep till I get up hoping some precious hours of recovery happen in my later wake-ups. Tomorrow I'll let you know how that worked out for me!

This is the view next to our run course, amazing! These homes are literally right on the water! You could jump out your window and swim! Speaking of homes, I always land with such awesome families! The family I'm with this week are seriously some of the kindest people I have ever met. Quick story, my host-dad was getting ready for his bike ride and I was getting ready for mine this morning. He decided his group of older guys were too fast for me so we went on different routes, haha. I wanted my route to land me at a Saturday farmers market (I've heard only good things about them). Get this, he insisted on first DRIVING me the route this morning to show me a good scenic, safe, route. Well, scenic usually means, "Bree gets lost". So we drove and I admired the views. Back to my bike I rode the "to the market and back easy route". Bless his heart, how many people would actually drive you a route before you ride just to make sure you get there and know your way!? And my host-mom, she pulled out the home-made-fresh-as-can-be boysenberry jam! I've got it good...
That's what I'm finding about this place, great people as well as gorgeous views!

I did find this little food heaven, oh my sweet Costa Rican memories flooded my heart...

You better believe that little Saturday "tune up" ride landed me farmers market paradise! It was so jam packed with everything you've ever heard of and things I've never even seen! Quickly I strolled through in an attempt to not be on my feet for too long, grabbed some jam to take home to Kainoa, then back on the bike with all sorts of berry and bread samples filling my belly.

The bananas, pineapple, and mermaid juice were yesterday's discoveries at Trader Joes. Do you love that place!? Hawaii could use one of those! Other than free bananas from a neighbors tree, it's 25 cents a banana at our markets, they beat us by 6 cents! The pineapples are still way cheaper back home, but everything else in that store had me seriously considering doing a major grocery shopping trip before I fly home! And the mermaid juice, how cool is that!? Every girl should have mermaid juice!

..and the high-light of the trip so far, THE PORTLAND ROSE GARDEN! I know, I know, keep the exploring to a very minimal. Honestly, how often am I in Portland? On the mainland? Around roses!? That's what I thought too, life is short, you have to stop to smell the roses. My dear friends from back on the island have a home in Portland and they took me on a very quick rose sniffing walk through the most beautiful garden! A must see & smell if ever in Portland!


And that's a wrap here. Its just now noon and about time for me to roll to the meeting and bike/bag check-in. Then back home to rest-easy till the big dance tomorrow. Mentally I feel good, physically I feel good too. My friend Dan wrote me a note the other day, he told me something along the lines of, "Bree this is your job, the way you get a paycheck. When racing think of Kainoa and how you have to reach for a payday so you can keep on paying for his karate lessons and all those little things". Its so true, I have a reason to get to that finish line tomorrow and that makes racing so worth it to me...


ALL the best to every athlete racing tomorrow all over at the different races,

Go get it!



PS. Kainoa, Ill be sure to bring you home another medal :)


Jill Costantino said...

Awesome post Bree. Race FAST tomorrow and most importantly ENJOY your job! Your friend Dan is a smart man - think of your little man and RACE fast for him and YOU!
GOOOOOOO BREE - Kick some Booty out there Chica!

Tawnee Prazak said...

Bree! I'm in Portland right now too for the race. Love it here. Aren't those houses on the water so cool?! Great pics. Good luck tomorrow and I hope to see you out there... well, I'll be way behind but I hope I see you at some point :)


Patricia said...

Exito MaƱana !! Te va a ir super.

Adrian shields said...

Godspeed Bree!


SSB said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Lucy Francis said...

Does your GPS have a farmer's market tracker or something? :-) you even manage to find them away from home. I want mermaid juice tooooooo
You're going to have a great race.
Go Breeeeee