Sunday, July 17, 2011

Monday, Almost...

Today was family day around here. The sister, her hubby and son, and Kainoa and me doubled up the bikes and set out for the "family friendly trails". Its my very most favorite, (I feel like I always say that), but its at least one of my very most favorite places to run and ride. Hardly anybody is out here, thankfully no cars, and you really get to feel as if you are in the country. It reminds me of my childhood. Believe it or not I grew up a farm girl, and this takes me back to my roots.
Today Kainoa asked me how can I tell if its a cow or horse? I remember asking that EXACT question to my dad, but I was like 2. Kainoa was born on a beach, I was pretty much born in a barn so he's a little behind when it comes to the farm yard friends. We finally made it easy for the 4 legged animals to be told apart...the hair, the mane. The rest of our ride through pasture land was, "Look mom, a horse, look mom, a cow, a horse, a cow, a horse, a cow". Don't make fun of the beach boy, he could tell you just about every fish in the ocean, that's where he grows up...

Today the 5 of us rode for nearly 2 hours on slightly paved, dirt, and hidden roads tucked under trees. It was the perfect pace, the perfect company, and the perfect way to reminisce about the simple act of riding a bike with no where to go, no pace to hold, and no set distance. Just a sport I love at a pace that brings me back to the beginning. Tomorrow is BACK TO MY TRI LIFE, a much less family-friendly pace, feet tucked in my bike shoes, a helmet, and of course spandex. I am fired up all around to get back into the grind as Philippines 70.3 is just around the corner...

This week the sister, the one I'm chasing above, punched in more run/ride miles than me. In fact, I'm almost afraid to tell you how little I swambikeran this week. 3 ocean swims, 1 surf, 1 paddle, 2 bike rides, and one run. That is that. At 5:30 the alarm will wake me for master swim and the kick off to Monday will throw me back into full time training, phewwww... Mentally I feel like a million bucks, super recovery weeks do that to the motivation, physically I feel like anything sore or fatigued must be all better, yet I know getting the groove going and the speed put back will take more than a Monday.


Today I got everything done around the home front so I can seriously focus on TRIATHLON for this next block. It was Spring cleaning in the Summer from top to bottom in the Wee home, groceries set so recovery and fueling up are simplified, those little things that add up to errands stuck in traffic have all been tackled and complete. Now its go time...

Getting ready to tackle a new block of training means one more thing, the IPOD "refreshed". I've got to share with you a couple of my faves for the moment, just in case you need to pack a little more punch to your routine.

...and that wraps up a week of recovery on the island, next up TRAIN like a woman on a mission,



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Lucy Francis said...

and it will be a great training week withthe batteries fully charged.
so cute that Kainoa asked about the differences between cows/horses.
must listen to your track list asap :-)