Friday, July 22, 2011

To Love A Child...

Today is a very special day, Kainoa graduates preschool in a couple hours. It's just preschool at the moment, but in the big picture it's the next big step into a big world. To say I am proud of my son would be an understatement, he has more than made me proud, just by being him.
Parents have such a cool opportunity, we get to be the door openers and road pavers for children. We get to instill in them hope, give life to their dreams, and of course pick up broken pieces of the parts of their lives that go all wrong. Its a beautiful thing to watch a child's eyes light up when they finally catch on to little things, like the sounds letters make, to the more important things, like sharing and giving, and to life changing things like setting a goal and working towards it, following a dream...
At the moment Kainoa wants to be a lifeguard. He thought that up for himself and to him it means lots of time at the pool and beach making sure everyone swims safe. It makes me laugh, it makes me smile, and it makes me truly excited to see all the things he will dream up in life and all those dreams he will make a reality. Tonight when all the little preschoolers toss their caps in the air, get fully decked out in lei's, and then dance a hula in celebration, it will be just the begining of the next big step, and to each of those children I hope there is someone to believe in the beauty of their dreams...
If you need a little inspiration, some motivation to believe in the beauty of a dream, or just to witness how a father believed with all his heart in the beauty of his daughters dream you have to check this out... Carrisa Moore, the youngest woman to ever become the World Champion of Surfing :
To Kainoa, mommy believes in you and all you ever want to do in this life. I have your back buddy.
Off to watch Kainoa graduate preschool!


marian said...

congratulations! another big step.

SkirtChaser said...

Soo awesome! congrats Kainoa and Mom :))))

Jill Costantino said...

Well said Chica - ahhh congrats to you and the little Dude! And from Dr. Seuss - "Oh the Places You Will Go".
To be a parent is the most fantastic gift on this planet!

Oscarjet said...

Enhorabuena Kainoa !! Y enhorabuena para la SUPER MAMI !!!!!!!!!!!!
besos y abrazos de tus amigos from Spain !!!!

Lucy Francis said...

What a beautiful post Bree! Parents have one of the most important jobs in the world to nurture the next generation and to help them grow well adjusted and full of hope and positive thoughts.
I have no children through personal choice but I appreciate that role so many women have. Isn't it funny to see what he comes up with out of his own initiative i.e: wanting to be a lifeguard and loking out for swimmers?