Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wanting Waves...

Summer, Summer, Summer...I made a to-do list. Other than the usual Summer beachy things kids like to do, Kainoa and I put a few more things to tackle on the list, we had too. He starts Kindergarten in a couple weeks so our play time might turn into massive homework time, you know all that coloring and ABC stuff that happens when you're 5!! One of our BIG plans is to parasail. Everyday he sees the giant balloons above the ocean and has begged to go up. Now that he is old enough and big enough we are going this weekend! The boat takes 6 and we got a crew ready to launch Kainoa above Kona!
His other "please mom, this Summer", was Jasons boat. It's pretty touristy, it cruises along the coast line and drops you off to snorkel. Aunt Wendy and Aunt Mere were going so we crossed that off the list by joing them, for our 3rd time this year. We are already in need of more sunscreen this Summer!
Waves are wanted too. Its been very sharky and very flat lately. Despite the sharks Kainoa wants to ride waves before school starts. He is really into surfing lately, in fact all his little school pals from preschool are growing their hair long for the BIG Kindergarten. It's a surfery thing to do, "long, shaggy, spent a lot of Summer in the ocean thing".

As for my Summer, couple more days of recovery mode. Its been fun doing other "sporty things", walks, paddles, snorkels, sit ups, you know what I mean. Other muscles hurt from doing new things. Like Kainoa though, this mom would love to have a good surf soon too. On my list Ive added a major hike, it a biggie, like an all day thing. But of course that will wait, till maybe the end of Summer as soon enough I get to dive back into swimbikerun in prep for another Summer race in the Philippines.

The ocean was again full of dolphins, turtles, and sharks again on our swim. It has been the most sharky Summer in the past 9 years out here. 3 beaches closed again today...

Tomorrow I'm putting myself back in the pool, haven't done masters since the race because recovery swim for me means ocean, but the pool sounds like a smart move till the beach opens back up. Finally, I might just be working part time, selling turtle visits to the tourists, hahaha...
Hope your Summer is going good, safe swimming if you live in a sharky place,



Christi said...

What a great way to spend the summer!

tinaparker87 said...

I think I'd go to the pool for awhile. Last Saturday in La Jolla we had a huge pod of dolphins. Visability was horribly, so I wasn't to worried about seeing something a shark. Just a ton of divers below us, which can be scary.

Love the long hair on the kid! Thomas' hair looks just like that when we let it grow. I just cut it off. We are headed out of vacation for two weeks. Scott (hubby) and Thomas leave Sunday. I will follow Wednesday am. I am taking the GMAT late Tuesday. I am attempting to get to grad school in the fall.

Heck in your bikini they could really push the turtle visits :)

Love the pictures today. The dolphins from yesterday is the screen saver though. I wonder what people think when it is a pic of you & Ki for the day?? Who cares. It makes me smile.