Sunday, August 14, 2011

...After The Race.

Philippines 70.3 is like one of those good days that just keeps getting better and better. My race was a good race. It wasn't brilliant, it wasn't horrible, it went pretty much as expected. I struggled a lot over Kainoa's Summer as I went into "full mom mode". It's my first job and priority, however when you race some of the best women in sport who are dedicated to sport as their only job, it often reflects where you have spent most your precious training and recovery time. Mine was with my son. And while I have no regrets, I am always trying so hard to find a way to balance and somehow tip the scale a little so I can be better at sport. I keep thinking there has got to be a way because I am just not ready to hang up my racing, don't get me wrong, "first mom across the line" at 99% of my races is pretty cool, however, I'm pushing to get faster and closer to the front with the non-moms. A nanny is out of the question, never suggest that to me.
So that's the race in a nut shell. I love this course more than any course. The swim is not ocean and salty so my booty sinks unlike the Pacific that I love, BUT we get to finish one swim and run over to another swim lagoon to swim again! From there the bike is by far the most crowd spectated ride in the world, more than Ironman Kona and that's no joke. I've never seen 56 miles of people anywhere. Children stood all day in the rain to cheer us on. The run is equally supported with that good ol' Filippino love! Have you ever watched the Tour? I know you have, picture the climbs where people are lining the streets on both sides so thick the cyclists barely make it through, it was like that! A parade of people, a few bands, and a million children with their arms reached out to high-five us.
I woke up this morning wishing it was race day again. I want a redo. That's whats special about this sport, you are always learning and figuring more out, and then you get to do it all over again on just about any given weekend. Speaking of more "do again", the swim course is actually a wake board park! We have access to all the wake boarding we can handle. After the race the Governor, (I know, very cool), came out to challenge all the athletes on the wake board. He pretty much kicked us all to shreds! Jesse Thomas (2nd place man), was putting on a good show though, we all saw him hit a jump and land it just before sneaking off to awards! I hit, "ran into", a jump too, on accident, No intentions of launching so before face planting, clearly and clumsily not ready, I just let go of the rope. It was very good times...
Today is our last day in the Philippines. We are heading off to the hot pools tucked near the volcano. The Filippinos told us it has healing powers, I'll take some of that. The day will wrap up with one more outing to a local school here in Cam Sur. Now that the race is over I'm looking forward to returning home and taking with me another bunch of incredible memories made here in the Philippines.
Happy Sunday!!


Lisa Graham said...

Way to go chica! Looks like you put together a solid race out there in the Philippines, and glad you were able to enjoy yourself! Also big kudos to you and the Big island folks for organizing the supplies for the Cam Sur students; that is just simply awesome!

marian said...

wow, bree, congratulations!
you cannot re-do kainoa's childhood, so you are making the right decisions!
enjoy your day in the philippines and safe travels home.

Lucy Francis said...

That race course/people sound amazing and you got on the podium as well. Bree you're blazing a trail for other PRO Iron mums. I can't think of any others that are racing right now.

tinaparker87 said...

Congrads on the finish. You are great! Keep going and be the best you can be everyday. One day at a time. Remeber some days are easier then others in all responsibilities.

kakes773 said...

Awesome job, Bree! Love the positive attitude regardless, but third place is definitely something to be proud about!

Lora said...

What a great and beautiful course, especially with the little kids and their high-fives. Sounds like your priorities are straight to me. Have a great day!

Jill Costantino said...

Woohoo - sosososoSO happy for you Chica! Congrats!

OMG that board park too - THAT looks like TONS of fun! I bet you ROCKED that too!

YAHOOOOOO!! Excellent day at the office:)