Monday, August 22, 2011

Cheese Burger in Paradise...

My lovely neighbors invited Kainoa and I to a little BBQ and the cheese burger was AWESOME! I'm not a vegan, raw foodie, or a veggie only girl, even though I like that way of eating. I just love my fish, chicken, and cow more. However, today was my first "cooked" meal since Tuesday when I jumped off the plane from the Philippines. I had to do the juice it, raw, dehydrate it, soak it, don't fry it, thing for a few days.
For some reason most of us from Kona got a little sick on that flight home. One girl landed with an IV and some morphine, a couple others on antibiotics, one sicker than a dog, most just dizzy and some diarrhea. Not really sure what it was but I decided to FLUSH IT OUT without a doctors dose of anything...I probably needed something...just too scared of doctors giving me some kind of pill.
MY plan of attack was to GO RAW from Wednesday through the weekend. With my training load I knew special attention to detail had be made so I wouldn't miss the calories needed to go long, the protein needed for recovery, and you get the idea.... it would mean planning. IT WENT AWESOME. The bonks didn't hit, the energy level was there to get my training done, and I feel WAY BETTER then when I jumped off the plane.
Wednesday morning began with stocking my kitchen with EVERY fruit and veggie on the island! Most were prepped for juicing, tons were frozen for smoothies, and loads were dehydrated for long bike ride fuel. It worked wonders and was a TON of fun! I managed to make new recipes, create breakfast for some friends, sneak in more vitamins and minerals than usual, and I truly felt happier about what was going in my body.

The first day of uncooked-ness was mostly smoothies. I felt like I wanted a "meal". Smoothies were way more filling than just juice. I would make them ULTRA thick and found some incredible RAW protein powder to stuff them with. My favorite was this blueberry mess I would make, gosh it was like heaven in Hawaii. I juiced a lot too. I mean A LOT. The best of the best was ginger, spinach, kiwi, and limes. Seriously I tried about 29 combinations of fruits in my juicer in all kinds of blends. Even fruits I never heard of I was buying and trying. Day one was not too hard, but it was SLOW going when I wanted to cook dinner and drank it instead.

Thursday was my most difficult day, that hilly bike ride with the boys and a run off the bike that kicked my you know what. So I hit up Da Poke Shack for raw ocean salad and poke. The boys hooked me up with "all raw", special sauce with limes and stuff to keep preservatives far, far away, and the protein saved me! It also set me up for a good day of training Friday. Yes, I was worried about the next day not running to my rice, chicken, and sandwiches with eggs. As for carbs, all carbs are not created equal you know, and the ones in dates and other such fruits DO THE TRICK that I was hoping would happen...juice 'em up baby!

More seaweed, spinach, broccoli, and other weirdo green things went in my belly than ever before. It felt like a grazing horse or cow diet.

As for breakfast. I love me some oatmeal most days of the week. Last year when I got really into soaking nuts my friend Karoline shared a great tip...soak my oats! Your raw grains can stay RAW if you don't boil water and pour it over them. The plan to keep oats raw: Before bed at night fill your bowl with oats, cover in coconut water, keep in the fridge overnight, wake up to COLD CEREAL. AMAZING. Nothing cooked and everything yummy! This with cherries and seeds on top totally fueled a long ride! I know you are wondering what I ate on my long rides?? Dehydrated stuff! Not a single gel all weekend long...

These should be called "Cliff Balls" because they are so much like a Cliff Bar, minus the preservatives and sugars. Just nuts, seeds, gojis, and a few other thingys made it through with me mile after mile on the bike.

Acai bowls were a BIG hit too. It actually felt like I was EATING real food when these wound up on my table. Nothing cooked here, nothing added to preserve anything, and well...good! My blender was working overtime to make these babies.

Watermelon cooler with beets. Seriously, it was good. After a few days a girl has to mix and mesh well or she will go CRAZY on raw-ness!

um...wheat grass anyone? Made a lot of this too.

This looks "cooked" but it's still considered raw. Some say it's raw if it's lower than 125* when heated, the RAW foodies of the world say it has to be less than 104*, all of this was made at 100* in the slow cooker. I put in a bunch of lentil, carrots, onions, and other veggies pre-workout and came home to some "Still in place nutrient rich foods". You know burnt food takes away nutrients and the enzymes needed to break down food for digestion? Well, this didn't have that problem. And the spinach salad was a hit too. Oh, the corn thing, sold at any good health food store, Ezekiel brand sprouted corn raw tortillas-yum.

And what about ceviche? The fish is soaked in LIMES, that is how it's "cooked". Oh my belly was happy with this meal too. I'll be honest, I missed egg burritos at breakfast and some baked sweet potato fries at dinner, but overall this was really good for me and it helped me avoid the doctor. Tonight's dinner of that cheese burger was really amazing... that's true. So what's a girl to do now?? I plan to add more raw food to my life, it wasn't as hard as I was thinking it would be, the proteins I can manage with my poke passion, but the grill will still be my friend!


Happy Eating,



Trigirlpink said...

Oh I will have to try the beet and watermelon combo! :-) Be safe with the sharky waters Bree...

tinaparker87 said...

Maybe I need to get use to what your eating first before the pics. Love the pic of Kainoa and the sun :) Sorry you guys were all sick. It will work its way out during the week I'm sure.

Finshed the Triple Crown Sunday. AFC 1/2 Marathon. I had done La Jolla & Carlsbad earlier this year. Slow, but I finished and wasn't in the last 100. San Diego Tri Classic in Sept. Saturday we will swim final prep at La Jolla Cove. This past Saturday was the TEAM's practice tri. Visability at La jolla was priceless! You would of loved it!

Happy week.

Lucy Francis said...

Oh I do love a good Food post :-) so basically you did some detox this week, a colourful one i must say and home made.
My poor juicer only makes boring juices, "it" has asked me if "it" can move in with you....ahahaha
I must try some of your juice ideas.
enjoy that burger

Big Daddy Diesel said...

How do you make your "clif bars"?

I been trying to stay away from "store bought nutrtion" for training and starting to make my own

Dawn said...

Sounds yummy!!! Thanks for the ideas!