Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Holding Strong...

I am on 1 week and 2 days of IRONMAN training. It wasn't like I began from scratch, but it's not like I am ready to race an Ironman tomorrow. Oh, I could finish one, but race one-not yet. Sadly, REV3 Cedar Point is no longer on my race plan. I'm of course a little bummed. Not because of the roller coasters that will be missed, but the race itself. SO what's a girl to do? Go to the next race on her 2011 plan and focus on it. Ironman Florida is the next one so that is where my attention has been directed. Onward and upward, is that how the saying goes?
"Why are you not going Bree???" Oh, a few reasons. Partly the same reason I had to skip over St. Croix 70.3 earlier this season and turn down my Vegas 70.3 slot in 2 weeks, too much money that I don't have. It's not easy to get to races you know. I seriously thought I was going to do better in the Philippines and then I'd be able to afford the trip, wishful thinking? Maybe, but I also trained pretty smart/hard for that race. HOWEVER, when you are trying to race the best of the best, (as most all the fields at all the races have quality athletes), you better be ready for your A-game to shine.
As the truth be told, sometimes we learn more from our struggles, mess ups, and hard days, then the ones that go just right. Philippines truly was a BOOK WIDE OPEN filling me full of lessons. One of the biggest was my recovery, rest, and focus. Going from a full day of swimbikerun directly to karate practice, play grounds, packing lunch boxes, and simply spending time with my son really was the best mental recovery ever. I just never burn out or get unmotivated. However, the legs never chilled out and the feet never went up. In fact, I missed several long days to get here and there on time, for the boy I love. Nothing wrong with any of that. At all. No regrets. Life, one I love.
SO now what?? Well, after learning my lessons on rest, recovery, repeat and HARMONIZING, it's in my head now just what needs to be done. You know, I've seriously memorized the entire "Soul Surfer" film thanks to Kainoas addiction to seeing the shark attack over & over, and one line stands out so bright. Perhaps it hit home in my heart the strongest. After Bethany loses her arm to the shark and attempts to get back to her dreams, with one arm, she says, "I don't need easy, I just need possible". WOW, that is SO TRUE and SO ME! It's not easy financially or physically but it's totally possible. We are finding a way.
For a week and 2 days I have been training strong for Ironman Florida. FOCUSING on it alone. Yes, I did Lavaman, I'll do a half marathon, a local 5k, and a swim race before IM FL too. But those are all home in Hawaii where I won't miss a beat, spend any money, or miss training to travel. We will use each of them for training days, for focus on FL days, for tests to see where I'm at. So far it's been really good. Like today's run, smashed silly. Attached to coaches directions were the words, "Skip it if the legs are seriously done but DO it knowing that fatigue will prepare you better for the marathon". I did the run. My swim also had a day "skip card" on it. No, coach is not being soft, I'm just really that smashed and we are making sure I don't jump off the cliff as this new plan is new territory for training hard/smart/recovering.
The surf photos are of the ocean, the swim I had a "skip card" to. You'd think having a huge South swell take up the Pacific would almost be a sign that a smashed girl should miss her swim. Well, this girl did the one thing she didn't do in her last block, "focused on finding something possible". It wasn't easy (I'm not too good in pools), but it was VERY POSSIBLE, so I swam all by myself in a pool, all of it. Folks, I AM RACING IM FLORIDA!

It feels really good to be tired at night, tired from Ironman training. Something I'm very much looking forward to is Ironman Hawaii taking over Kona soon, talk about MORE motivation to fire me up for the final push till my turn for 140.6. This is the life!!

Yes, my okole has been getting kicked. Literally. But again, I'm just hunting down all the ways to make training possible, recovery possible, refueling, resting, TRIATHLON possible. As Jacob Cumiford, Mr. 808 song writer himself sings, "It ain't always easy living where it's breesy". I can relate...

But it sure is beautiful!



Kelly said...

Super bummed you won't be at Cedar Point, but it sounds like you are making a good call!! Happy training!

tinaparker87 said...

Glad your plans are coming along. Last night I made a decision, and I need to share it with the fam. However, I need to work the details out. Here is the part where you come in. Could you e-mail me, then I can run it pass you before I let the world see and know of the crazy idea.

Love the pictures today.

Thanks Bree ahead of time.

Jill Costantino said...

it may not be easy, but it sure is beautiful! You've got this Chica! And - IM Florida most likely means FAMILY for you too :) So, so, so happy for you! How did you stay out of the water with that surf?
HARMONY - what a great word!

Jill Costantino said...

p.s. I've gotta get to one of YOUR races soon - it was so much fun cheering at IM Canada - so much!

The Nottage Fambily said...

What a great message! Always being able to reinvent a paradigm of thinking or planning; and the ability to adapt to change is paramount to happiness:-) All the best safety, health and joy on your IM Fl journey........

Lucy Francis said...

Of course any race outside Hawaii involves log and expensive flights. Isn't it ironic that the majority of us around the world have the opposite dilema...just to get to a Hawaii is expnesive for us but then we get to go to all these other races in nearby countries. It would be so cool to see you racing in europe one day. If you ever have the chance please make it Ironman Austria. that lake is like the caribbean sea: warm and turquoise!