Saturday, August 6, 2011

...I'll Take it.

Prior to crashing out for the night my "Saturday Workout" landed. Before bed I thought it was just a 2-3 hour ride and a little run later in the day. That meant no "pre workout planning" needed the night before. Minor stuff. But that all changed only moments before hitting the pillows. 4hr ride with 4x20 minutes at faster than my 70.3 pace, some medium sections, a little tempo stuff, and coach said to find a crew of boys to keep me working, (insert: Not day dreaming with an IPOD, sneaking into the lava rocks for pee breaks, taking pictures of pineapples at the farmers market where I refuel, you know-do it like a race). In other words, planning was required.
I'm a very big fan of taking days like this to the maximum serious level, mostly because I need to, want to, its my job, and because when I do I actually get better-fitter-stronger. Not that I don't take other days serious, these ones just rarely see me smiling through them, more like grunting, and smiling to BE DONE.
The very serious Bree Wee, (you all know her), pulled out the nutrition, the salts, filled water bottles, and set out my "mini transition area". Yes, I had a run off the bike that also had special instructions, (Insert: get off my bike and run, don't stop for anyone or anything, literally get into running as if you are really in T2). I am guilty of being the girl that gets out of her bike shorts and slips into run shorts, the girl who has a big drink first, the girl who waits for her training partner to put their bike away too so we can run together. That would not be me according to the plan for this workout...I run.
Being a little late to round up a crew I decided to just jump into the HCC group ride first thing in the morning. The plan was to start out with them, do my best to convince any/all of them to join the 4 hours of fun, then go run. The group all warmed up for a whopping 14 minutes, never mind coaches plan for me to hold out 45 minutes and get my tired legs warmed up so I can "race" my intervals. I went along with it and at the end of the first 20 minute block we wind up with a full on sprint up the Kua Bay (Cemetery) hill. I'm talking out of the saddle, legs burning, completely not the plan, and I got in the mix of the 3 of us that made a break away fighting for the win up the hill. Can I just tell you I threw up. Those two boys killed me. 3 more rounds of THAT and 3 and a half hours to go!

After terrorizing the big group we wound up a group of 5. It began calm for about 3 minutes, (never mind taking 10 minutes between 20 minute intervals), and then it was freaking crazy! I did what coach said, find guys...

After 7 minutes, maybe 9, we were down to 3 of us. I got smart knowing half my nutrition was barfed up and my legs, lungs, and heart were still aching, I clung on the back. Old and Kiser traded pulls all the way to Waikaloa. Roughly 12 miles up the road, doing the Math that's a bit longer than 20 minutes. Round 1-too fast. Round 2-too long. The boys gave me the "see ya later kid, good job this morning, you are on your own for the next 2:55 minutes!". Yeah we pretty much raced through that, but like I said, I found boys and BOYS WILL BE BOYS....

After that the IPOD went on but the rules did not change. No stops Bree Wee, no pee Bree Wee, no pictures Bree Wee. Follow the plan Bree Wee. Thankfully a race was in progress, it truly helped me keep my "race day" focus solo. There were chalkings all over the highway cheering for the racers to go-fight-win. There were 2 aid stations set up, it was super cool and very motivating. As if I had a private race going on just for me...


Round 3 and 4 were the exact pace, the exact 20 minute interval, and the exact focus this girl so desperately needed. The only little concern was finishing the intervals with about 2 hours to ride still and being 40 miles from home. Hmmm....


I did not stop in the lava rocks, I did not take pictures, I even skipped the farmers market. Riding home felt pretty strong, maybe too strong as I was fired up from the boys still. Surprisingly there was no bonking out after that ridiculous pacing in the first hour. In fact I set a new PR on my Kawaihae loop speeding like that with those guys! Am I fearful the workout might just toast me being a week out from race day? No, I needed it. My riding lately has been ugly, (remember I got dropped horribly by the boys earlier this week and needed training wheels back on my bike?). Sometimes the brain needs a workout too, the kind that reminds you that YOU can do it...
At 6am I sent a text to my friend asking, begging him, to be at my house in run shoes waiting to run with me at lunch time. It was serious business, remember no time allowed between getting off the bike and running! Sure enough the instant I arrived home he was there cheering, "Go Bree, move it, come on girl". Side note: I have AMAZING friends, who really wants to run in the heat at lunch time, and be there waiting?! Off the bike, into run shoes, go! The most rare thing was running down Alii Drive in bike shorts! UGHHH, GRRR, so don't like it! It drives me crazy, makes me grouchy too. But I wasn't allowed to stop and change into run shorts, this was T2 after all!


We ran, ran, ran. It was so hot and the bike began to hit me. I'm talking every mile too fast, every minute over the time I was supposed to be speeding caught up to me. This was "lesson learned" at it's finest. I embraced it knowing it meant opportunities to talk myself through the horrible mind games. Out loud I'd tell myself all sorts of things, some not very appropriate, others hilarious, and some so dumb surely the fuel in my tank had run low, very low. We made it home just in time for my tired self pass out into an ice bath and then...the smile came.


I'll gladly take this day. To the boys that kicked my okole on the bike and run, MAHALO PLENTY for keeping me honest and focused.




Teresa said...

Sounds like such an awesome, focused, fun training day (once it was done!). Way to go girl!

Lucy Francis said...

Aren't there any chicks who can keep up with you?
that training session sounds tough so come race day it will all feel easier :-)