Sunday, August 7, 2011

Run, Church, Then Causing Trouble...

Sunday is seriously such a cool day of the week, it just always seems to be a day of good stuff. This Sunday was the same. Long run, you know you love those and the way they make you feel when you finish! Church, our Pastor is fully entertaining this month as he's trying to humor all of us single people, last time I laughed this much in church was during high school when my sisters and I would cause trouble and get busted by our mom for I can't even remember what. Anyways, the morning was off to a really good start.
However, it's never very long before I find some sort of chaos, trouble, or just plain innocent fun to land in without even trying. Today was "recovery" from the long run, in the ocean. To make it a little more exciting, we brought peas. Please don't try this at home, it's not always allowed to "feed the fish" in places where tourists swim, it brings in "other visitors" known as sharks, eels, and BIG fish, but most everyone that has a fishing pole, nets, or spears around here brings frozen peas and today we did... That means we get to touch all the fish!! I love it so much, it's seriously like a giant aquarium touch tank!!
By the time we were done my legs felt 100x better than before the ocean dip. Something about the salt water, light kicking, and just floating makes the post-long run recovery begin. The other good part is Kainoa comes home from his dad's tomorrow and I'll have my "training partner in training" back at my side. We have a couple more workouts to tackle together before flying off to the Philippines Wednesday. After a handful of quality training sessions this weekend I'm feeling better about the race to come than I was earlier in the week. Motivation is still fully in swing, the heart is happy about the privileges/opportunity I have to race, my head is always improving, and now the body is waking up after what felt like nap time during the start of the week.

Oh, I should warn you, before we swam another shark sign was posted. Just as I was finishing my long run a tiger shark was cruising around at the pier. 3 cop cars posted the sign and "warned" the swimmers, it didn't keep anyone out. A tiger, a hammer, and a white tip were all spotted this week. Seriously it's such a sharky Summer and with Bethany's "Soul Surfer" movie out and Shark Week on TV you'd think people would maybe settle for laying on towels in the sand, but not here. I guess when you know you are a visitor in the ocean you accept the fact the locals have big teeth and might show them. As always, I'm very happy to not see any teeth today!


Happy Training,



Lily on the Road said...

Sounds like a perfect Sunday.

My guess is all the sharks are unsettled still due to the tsunami earlier this year. Maybe their whole "earth" shifted and now they are a little off course looking for food. Or maybe they were swept off of their local habitat...who knows, just stay safe.

Lucy Francis said...

I've learned something today about feeding peas to the fish...not sure that'll be enough for th sharks. what a trio: hammer, white tip and tiger sharks!

I wonder if you locals have any tips on how to scare sharks away when faced with them

Gigi Wong said...

great sunday recovery! Wish that i can have a ocean as clear as yours. Hong Kong is not always clear, and hardly can see a fish!
Will be happy to see you in Philippine this weekend :)

Lucy Francis said...

Bree! can I feed our rioters to your sharks please? We're getting all fed up with all the mindless destruction and violence now!

Jill Costantino said...

YOU are a very brave woman! Love the pics - SO BEAUTIFUL!