Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Share Some Swim...

ALOHA everybody! Today was THANKFULLY a good day on the bike. Long miles are starting to feel less taxing, my legs are adapting to the IRONMAN training fatigue, and well, I am happy to be going loooooooooooong again. Seriously in shockers that it has been this long since I've trained for an Ironman.
I'm going to keep this short n' sweet, tonight's swim practice was beautiful. Standing on the pool edge that feeling of, "I'm exhausted" lingered over me from head to toes. Maybe it was the bike taking a lot out of me, I sure wasn't feeling swimmery. However, I dove in and all of a sudden new energy came over me and it all felt just right. Midway through the workout a very cool little set sprung up that is worth sharing, as I know heaps of you are self coached and always on the lookout for fresh motivation.

  • 6x100 (first 25 is sprint fly, 75 free hard not easy, no break after the stroke, right into free).

  • 6x75 (first 25 back/50 free-all strong)

  • 6x50 (first 25 breast/25 free all strong again)

  • 6x25 free sprint.

Why this set rocks: The strokes are always a good idea to toss into workouts so you can work other muscles, BUT the real beauty is that they can get your HR way up in as little as a 25!! The challenge was having to push through the free after you are nearly maxed from sprinting a 25 stroke. I'll give you a little idea of how much it challenged me and pulled out some of my best swimming tonight. BACK STROKE and I are not friends. SOooooooooo, by the time I rolled over and and flipped off the wall into free the girl in front of me was nearly to the other end of the pool! The game is to catch back up swimming your fastest free! I was full blasting, as if trying to catch a pack during a swim race. On the fly and breast I had no problem staying out front BUT the challenge was still there to hold fast, strong free after maxing out a 25 stroke. And the cool part, even if you are not a strong swimmer of other strokes THIS IS ONLY A 25 at a time, anyone can handle a 25.
AS for send offs, all the lanes tonight had various ones. The set was continuous, averaging about 10-15 seconds rest on the send off our lane was given for each. Try this set if you want to push your freestyle, it's like swimming the final 500 of an open water swim. A little pooped, a little fatigued, arms noodle-like, this set totally mimicked that. Have fun!!


Lucy Francis said...

oh Yes! even though my breast is rubbish my fly nearly kills me and the back, well is very slow. I agree it's good to mix the strokes up. we do lots of IM and Reverse IM sets too.

Tina Z said...

It's cool to see triathlete swim workouts and get different ideas for speed sets, thanks!