Saturday, September 3, 2011

112 Miles To Tears That I Didn't Cry...

My friend JT let me have this photo, today was Lilio and I didn't capture a single shot of the action. I can tell you about it though, lots of canoes floating across the Pacific all with ease as some of the most beautiful bodies you ever saw in your entire life work in harmony to flow with the ocean. I'm telling you its beautiful, it's full of pride, it's hard work and training set in motion for 18 miles. The bay is full of canoes and colors of teams parade the horizon as the sun comes up. It really is the Ironman of paddling. Today was my Ironman of pedaling, so I focused entirely on the pedal and not the paddle, for 112 miles...
During the 112 miles we endured everything that always happens from Kona to Hawi and back. Heat, wind, rain. It was nothing short of what you expect and always a little more than you could ask your body for, really thankful I get to do this, to be healthy enough. It was my first 112 miles of the season and a very good one. It felt better than the 4 and 5 hr rides this season. It felt like I was at home on my bike doing what I love.
Something happened on that ride, I got sad that I didn't chase the Kona slot this season. At the start of the season I was totally okay with it, mature about the idea of less travel so I can actually try to put training blocks into my season and hopefully get more out of me, you know, get better with training. I actually got the thought from P. Evoe, I read an interview with him then emailed him and got encouraged . It has paid off for sure in small ways that will continue to grow, testing my patience honestly! Yes, travel is a huge part of the job but it can take a toll and after a couple seasons of "always on the go", it sometimes helps to have a season of "work really hard and fly a little less in hopes of a little more". Okay, so I also had Kainoa starting Kindergarten and finances that take priority on the travel end too, but you get it, I worked actual training blocks in. I also put some REV3's on my plan as I wanted to be part of that series, it meant a lot to me and I support REV3 so I WANTED to be there...
Like I said, coming down Hawi I felt a tear try to cry. It really tried it's best to get to me, to make me upset, sad, mad, angry, confused, hurt, bumming, and all the other things that can happen when you want something but know you have to be patient for it. Sort of like falling in love? Enough girl talk already, for a mile or 2 I wanted the 112 miles I was riding to be a training ride for Kona. It was a training ride for Ironman Florida, the plan we planned all along. I was on the plan, doing the plan, living the plan, but found myself for a mile liking a plan I didn't chose to chase. Oh, Bree Wee.
A few miles later I was back on the Ironman Florida plan, more fully in fact. And lifting my head I smiled at the unknown. Ironman Hawaii I'll just need to get myself into the race differently. On the bike we came up with 2 plans, water patrol and/or bike tech support. DO NO LAUGH, I can totally hang in the van and talk on the radio when I see one of you out there with a flat (but I hope you don't get any). Then I can sneak all the photos I want too...hmm, loving this idea. AND I think anyone that has ever raced a race of any sort really should give back, so I will just give back on race day...
That's that, I did not cry today. I enjoyed 112 miles on my bike, I am training for an Ironman, just not the one in Kona.
Have a good Sunday, run super long and far, we have races to do!


Mark said...

Bree, congratulations on your first 112-miler of training. I am excited that you will have some Rev3's on your plan—hope to see you out there at one sometime soon!

As far as working support at Ironman.... I somehow know you will be just as big a part of the race.

Lucy Francis said...

Bree, Next week I'll be going to Ironman Wales just to support friends rather than race it as I've had to pull out due to injury. I'm sure I'll shed a tear or 2 as well but my priority now is to get better and prepare for 2012....Let's stay strong and chase our slot for Kona next year Bree! I'll buy you a mango smoothie if I get to Hawaii :-)
Look on the plus side: you get to do the Kona bike course every week, not to count the swim course every day and the runs. You'll just have to make up your own race with your girlfriends.