Sunday, September 18, 2011

...Another Run Done.

I liked that one! It was a quick 24 hrs on the beautiful island of Maui for some running. The entire trip was smooth sailing, that alone was enough to know it was all good timing and I was where I was meant to be. I had a free flight to use up, a long run to do, and never pass down an opportunity to be in that "pressure spot". I don't like pressure, not even going to pretend I'm one of those girls that thrive under pressure and rise to the boiling point of getting the most out of me. It makes me too messy inside and out. However, pressure is part of this sport, this life. To better embrace in I'm always on the lookout for opportunities of little to no pressure to put on the pressure and learn to better make peace with it, so when the BIG pressure day come I've got plenty of practice...
I read a story about a pro gymnast that struggled with it too. She would nail landings over and over in training then fall off the beam most every meet. Sounded all too familiar. She wrote about how she decided to stop pretending she does well under pressure and came to the conclusion that having fun will never make her any worse in gymnastics. Enjoying her sport more would never make her fall more, from there she became one of the best. That is my newest adopted theory too. Having more fun, enjoying something I love even more, like swimbikerun, will not make me slower. It's just going to let me breathe under pressure. Anyways, I found a half marathon on Maui and used it as part of my Sunday long run.
The week up to the race was a load full of training. This meant PRACTICE running tired. The 13.1 was incredible from start to finish. Immediately I saw a runner in those little bum shorts, the kind the marathoner girls where, I claimed her as the way to get the best out of me. I hung as best as I could for as long as I could. Each time my legs tried to remind me of the load in them I would try to go even faster. It actually worked at mile 4, I ended up passing her and set the pace for almost 2 miles. Then we turned back and she went full blast to the finish. Oh believe me I knew the race was hers but I was determined to go as fast as I could for as long as I could and not settle for 2nd until the finish line.
The pace 6;15-6 minutes actually never felt that bad. I could have handled maybe 2-3 more miles like that. The IM Florida training for sure has helped make me stronger mentally and physically. However, I could not run any faster. I tried so hard to turn the legs over more quickly but it never happened. I'm pretty sure in a flat out mile they might just be glued to that pace at the moment too, not cool. Um, no, that is not my Ironman marathon pace (I wish!), its just for some reason all I got with the long run training that is in my legs. I'm okay with it. It's where I am, but I was sad. I wanted a 1:18 and thought I could grab it despite the week load and lack of half marathon training. That is what putting no pressure does to me, I believe ridiculously and just have fun running, believing, like a kid not knowing her limitations...
The finish line did not disappoint. The top 3 of us, (an Oregon girl, me, then a California girl), all broke the female course record which was pretty cool. The course was for sure fun, but depending who you asked it was either super hard with too much wind, too hot with the humidity, or the hills sucked. Then you got someone loving the flatness (A Colorado man), and 3 girls, (pictured above), all from the islands saying the temperature was perfect. It was a really good day and a pay day! Yes, that race has prize money! I was stoked to get paid on a long run :)

Maui is always good times like that and I'm so thankful for another opportunity to race. Thankful for KSwiss sending me new run shoes just in time, too. Thankful for Coach letting me use training days on race courses! And for the girls that pushed me to run a 1:21 on that course even though this little girl thought she had faster in her despite it day.

Boom! 21 minute flight back to my island and tomorrow starts another week, another day closer to Ironman Florida. I'm searching for more practice races to put the pressure on and not call it pressure before then! Have fun, enjoy what you do, and thanks for reading!!




Lucy Francis said...

Do these lovely islands ever have a bad day? all the pictures look gorgeous. so glad you had a great run 1:21. Wow

Furacán said...

I like everything you show us. Come on, 1:21 is not so bad. A hug from Spain!

krystyna47 said...

I LOOOOOVE practice races; from 5k fun runs to mass cycling events, it's great to have "hard" training days with friends and strangers!