Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coconut Wireless, Calling Out...

Depends on if you are a fan of not having everyone know your business or not, but the coconut wireless often rings loud and clear on all things, people, and what not that happens throughout the island. I got permission to pass this on and totally believe it's far more important to share than the miles I swam or ran today (even though I like talking about miles)...
You all know of the great ocean swim that takes place across the channel from one island to another, the Maui Channel swim?? Horrible news, John Coughlin was making his first solo crossing, he finished it twice before on a team, and nearing the finish was ran over by a boat. He gave the okay to pass on the gross details that his right arm above the elbow is gone and his entire left arm is a mangled mess from the boat propeller. After 11 hours of surgery the left arm is somewhat attached. At the moment he can't use the left arm though, as its all, (including a couple fingers that were saved), broken. He needs 24/7 care as he gets his life back together. Doctors are expecting 12 months, possibly more, of surgery's, rehab, and everything in between. Of course blessed to be alive after all that...
Here is where you can help. His sister is taking all support at this address:
Jennifer Dorsey
1210 Green Orchard Place
Encinitas, California 92024
If you just read all this and feel even a tiny bit pulled in the direction to encourage John he would be so thankful! Any letters, stories, or words of encouragement on his LONG road to recovery will help! He is swamped with doctor bills too, so if you aren't good on supportive words but can offer any medical financial help he would probably love that too.


Lani said...

Prayers and assistance being sent from the mainland. Once an island girl, always an island girl

JC said...

He's in our thoughts and prayers!

Lucy Francis said...

Oh My God!So Sorry to hear this, I don't know John but I can only imagine how terrifying it must have been, specially as he was nearing the finish and probably quite tired too. Here sending him some positive energy Bree