Friday, September 16, 2011

Ever Get Tired?

Do you ever get tired of sunsets, dolphins, and the beach? No. Not really. Can't say I have. When you love something SO MUCH it's pretty hard to get tired of them. Get tired "from" them?? Oh yes. Today I am so tired from swimbikerun. The big week caught up to me and while my sanity is in tack, I hurt. Good. On my run, my arms hurt. Just hanging there both arms were sore. The thought of tucking them into my sports bra crossed my mind, talk about an ugly looking run.

I'm not tired of sport, just really tired from it. You know what has kept me going pretty strong this week? The Ironman-ers in town. Shhhhhhh, I'm sort of scared to write that as I know some locals read this and it's split 50-50 by the people in town, equally annoying as awesome. On the awesome end, for me this week, has been the fast ones that have been kind enough to let some of us locals tag along on their sessions. Phew, talk about talent on 2 legs and it sure is pretty cool seeing the work ethics surface.


Yesterday was another day that really helped me focus on my IM FL goals. I was finishing a run mid day and Luke Mckenzie rolled past me on his bike, did a wave, rolled on. (I know it was at least decedent size ride because I saw him roll out before I left for my run and I was running a long time). I literally ran into my house, grabbed keys, got Kainoa from school, and we were off to Karate. AND Luke was STILL out there, this time running. I'm not stalking, I promise, it's just that town is that small and he was ALL over it ALL day. It was so motivating. And it reminded me this kind of work-hard-don't stop thing is what it takes. I'm pretty sure he was wanting to tuck his arms in a sports bra too, so it gave me the motivation to tuck my arms wherever I need to, just don't give up, give in, or stop...


Today's highlight however, belongs to Mr. Lieto. This is not a joke, he was on his bike and passed another guy on 2 wheels like he was standing still. Not impressed? It was a moped he passed, one that was flying. My jaw dropped, it looked fake but it was real. I was driving fast enough to know this was a very good working moped and a very fast working pair of legs on Lieto...

Yes, training is going well. Yes, everything is sore just right. And thankfully at a time when motivation needs to be high I've got a town slowly filling with a bunch of people that ride in the middle of the road with socks pulled up to their necks, about to race 140.6 miles.
For those of you that are "tired" of dolphins and sunsets, check out the new KSWISS run skirts and dresses! I got a little help testing them out from the boys... they work. And for those of you "tired" of kale raw, bake it! At swim Karolina helped me spruce up my kale with an idea. Super easy, buy kale, smother it in coconut oil, sprinkle it with sesame seeds and sea salt, bake on 375 for 15 minutes and eat. It's the best green chips you will ever try, seriously.


Good night from one tired girl...



Jamie said...

You LOVE dressing up grown men in skirts and bikinis. Hopefully those boys work on their tan lines before they rock those skirts around town.

And I recently got started on Kale and surprisingly LOVE it. I've only pan cooked it with seasame oil, garlic and chives, but I may have to try baking them too.

Lucy Francis said...

I gather the roads are getting crowded in Kona, thankfully the "crowds" are on 2 legs and/or wheels not in cars. Use their energy Bree.

Love the male K swiss range :-) I better not show it to my hubby or he might get ideas.

JC said...

Beautiful sunset pic! OMG - those great sports for putting on those dresses - they look FABULOUS! hehehehe!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I knew this was going to be an awesome post as soon as I saw the title. Thanks for the late season pick me up