Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Love Aqua Jogging...

Aqua Jogging and me became friends in 2006, when I was pregnant, and today we are STILL very good friends. Without a baby in the belly and injury free, the lovely waist belt still makes it's way around my belly. Today it did and I LOVED IT. Whenever I feel "just not right" on a run day I swap for the belt, "just in case". The effects of last weeks training topped off with an attempt to sucker punch my way through a fast half marathon landed my legs TOAST today. After a recovery spin they weren't any better, so today's run was in the pool. And I liked it.
Why do I like it? I mean with all the beaches, trails, and other cool spots to run, why in a pool?? For starters, it's great for recovery. It moves around a ton of blood without any impact and pool running is in fact the most run-specific form of run cross training. It gives massive relief to any leg ailments, you get to work against resistance, and thanks to the resistance it's still neruomuscular training, (so you get a workout). I like it.

I'd love to report all the awesome people watching that took place during this hour of pool running too, that will wait for future comedy. It's unbelievable what you get for entertainment stuck in the same 25 yards back and forth. Had a handful of Ironman-ers to watch too. Okay, so you aren't convinced it's worth the suntan you might get with that thing around your waist. No problem, do it with the HR monitor on!! You can get super fancy and sprint laps, make intervals, and of course race a friend. One of the things this lovely blue run belt has helped me noticeably, is my form. I run sort of like a chicken with my arms out like wings, it gets ugly, I'm trying to clean it up. In the pool you notice it, the water resistance proves to you all the bad run posture, arm form, and hip position. Of course you have to actually focus on this sort of thing and care to do it right, or you can look like the ladies at the 7am class using fancy floaty belts just to hold themselves up. Yeah, you have to actually try to do it right for it to work best.


There is a woman who held a 5k record for a while that had sever run injuries and was forced to do all her running 6wks prior to her race in the pool. The final 3wks she was strong enough to replace one aqua belted run a week with a run on the road. On race day she had only 3 road runs and all pool runs for training in her 6wks up to the race. You know what her time was? The same PR she had pre injury. I loved that story, it makes going back and forth in the pool seem like so much more than just a bad tan waiting to happen...
You know what else looks horrible but is so good? Blueberry kale smoothies. If you have a good blender, like the Vitamix or Blendtec you can seriously throw an entire garden in there and make a mess of your salad real fast! It's good for moms too. Tonight I made a blueberry smoothie with Kainoa watching, told him to go grab a towel, tossed some kale in, mixed it up, and BOOM! He never knew and drank all that green seen above!


Alright, off to bed. Tuesday and I'm already feeling like Friday....

Good night!




Lucy Francis said...

Water running is brilliant for when injured or trying to save your legs. My problem with this is that we do not have enough pool space for this kind of thing so i ended up getting in the way of some swimmers when i tried it.
I'm sure all those ironmem/women watching you have had to do some water running at some point in their training so they won't find it strange. Can't wait to hear your people watching stories though

Jill Costantino said...

Hope your legs are feeling recovered Chica. I personally like to wear THOSE belts as fashion attire! They really "make" the outfit. I like how you went all matchy, matchy with the blues - very chic lady very chic!
Rest up Chica!