Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's My Passion...

Last night I had a shark dream, I'm pretty sure it was my first one ever. When you know sharks are always around, when you support them and actually like them, and when you respect them it's not too often we have bad dreams about them. But I had a bad dream. There was a group of us ocean swimming and one came face to face with me, like a head on collision, then I woke up, straight up in bed and took that sigh of relief that is was not my reality...
It must be the sharky Summer that caused it, or maybe because another beach was closed down yesterday for sharks, or maybe because of the little black tip shark on Tuesdays swim. Thankfully those vivid images were put aside when one very passionate ocean loving little boy, Kainoa, had a heart to heart with me on the way to school.
"Mom, I have 3 passions in my life", he held up 3 fingers very seriously, "Surfing, listening to music, stand up paddling with you, and being in the ocean all day". Never mind that 3 is now 4 to a five year old, he loves the ocean more than anyone I know. Hearing his passions became my strength on the way to ocean swim practice this morning.
As soon as I get to the beach Jim and Barb inform me the shark signs are still up. Lovely. Just lovely. I told them I'm freaked out. Karlyn and Aimee show up and before you know it we are all in the water. Not the highly occupied chunk of water near the Kailua Pier where everyone and their dog is swimming, snorkeling, SUP-ing, and everything else, we are at Magic Sands. Less than a block from the 2 shark attacks. We are swimming South to Kahalu'u where the beach was recently closed. And if you know this group, they do not swim, they RACE. That means I have a kick like motor boat to keep up and well, sharks enjoy that massive splashing and thrashing.
Then the crew begins to make a plan, just in case the shark happens to come back and take a bite. Not even kidding, just off the coast line we stop to make a real plan. These people are not just fast, I'm not thinking they are dumb! Why don't we just get out, ditch the plan. But then I remember sharks are ALWAYS in the ocean and I am living out one of my sons PASSIONS.
So we plan. We use goggle straps and bikini tops as the tourniquet. We decide to take the inside route closer to shore rather than our usual deeper route, just in case we have to drag one of us to help on shore! As you can imagine the dream and now the swim crews plan, my head is FULL on playing tricks. But...I do have to be honest, it made for a very strong swim day! In fact, I'll record it as one of my top 10 fastest swims in this lifetime.
Despite the fears you feel, the unknowns, and everything else that stands in your way, keep on living your passions. I learned that from a 5 year old and was given an opportunity to live it straight up this morning, truly it does make life so worth living...


Jamie said...

Bikini top tourniquette? Was it a guy that suggested this? I am sensing a secret plan to fake an attack and get all the girls topless. Haha.

There are always dangers out there that you can't control. In the water and on the road. Just don't let it get in the way of enjoying your passions. But if you get too scared, you always have music. That one is pretty safe. :-)

tinaparker87 said...

Scott Tinley said, "You are swimming in the sharks habitat." Sharks are there and everywhere. Just go out swim, do your job and get out.

Although I catch myself wondering what I'd do in the situation. Luckly last ocean swim I couldn't see much :)

Yamuna said...

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In good health.

Lucy Francis said...

I know this sounds terrible but have you thought of carrying a fishing knife strapped to your thigh like some divers do? Just in case you come to face with one of them? Today i'm also by the. beach: tenby in pembrokshire, wales. Check it out on the web. It's gorgeous. The beach is huge and the sea rough. I've been picking shells :-) and my bag smells fishy. Swim safe bree.