Monday, September 12, 2011

A Lesson From My Favorite Teacher...

The ocean has been one of my greatest teachers, at all the stages of my life, and in so many different seasons of my life.
The ocean was absolutely beautiful yesterday and this girl had a free ticket to enjoy it all I wanted. Those days do happen, but rarely. Every now and then my training plan has a full day off and in return it usually has some form of "keeping active enjoyably". These days are super important when you take something you love, like swimbikerun, and turn it into something you must do, no matter how much you want to do it. Refreshing, yes. Mentally reviving, yes again.
Yesterday happened to be the last day of a beautiful South swell, all week I had been admiring it from ocean swims, on views from a run, and along the coast line by bike. I don't surf much anymore, at all. But I think surfing is SUPER important for a girl like me. The thing about surfing is that it's the one spot you do not have to involve any numbers. You are measuring nothing, comparing nothing, pacing not a single thing, and relying on zero feed back. You simply do the thing you are doing, surf.
When you spend your days looking at counting laps, reading clocks, checking pace, watts, duration, miles, and calories. When you are following beeps, splits, send offs, and using all these numbers to tell you how on or off you are sometimes its easy to get lost in numbers. Honestly, I've learned to embrace all these things as I'm discovering they can make you SO MUCH BETTER. But like everything, sometimes its so sweet to return to doing what you are doing without over doing it.
Last night around sunset the family and I set off to enjoy the beach. JUST in case Kainoa got busy building sand castles with his cousin, I brought the board to find a wave or two. Sitting out there without having a set time, an amount of miles to cover, a pace to follow, I truly felt the numbers I'd been chasing all week just fade away. Honestly, they just dripped off my salty surfery self and faded into the ocean. Carefree I was. As a girl that has come to love the thrill of chasing time goals, meeting paces, watching numbers, this felt so incredible to not measure or compare myself to anything...
After my ocean moments I came back to shore totally refreshed and ready to tackle a new block of swimbikerun. While out there I learned something worth sharing, "Patience gets rewarded, trust where you are waiting, it's okay if the boys take the set waves, the reef isn't always as close as it appears, and salt water makes life sweet." Surfing is such a good teacher! It's perfectly clear why this ocean day off was on my swimbikerun plan, the next 2 weeks are supposed to be very, very challenging. I'm ready. Revived. Refreshed. A surfer girl at heart eager to ride her Swift bike, run in some KSWISS, and swim in her Splish!

Oh, oh, oh, one more thing the ocean held...a WEE RELAY! I did the adult swim of the local 9/11 Peaman Biathlon and Kainoa ran the keiki mile as my team mate. It was so much fun to swim my heart out, (remember I didn't have a swim on my plan, it was a swimbikerun day off), it felt incredibly freeing to be doing an ocean swim for the sheer fun of it!


Once out of the swim I high-fived my partner and he took off running! The hardest part of the day was catching up to him! He took off so fast with that fire in his feet that happens when you TRULY love to run! He finally stopped at the turn around, proud he made it that far!

After the turn he was all focus to the finish! I'm talking head down, digging deep, FOCUS! It was beautiful in that sport loving way that parents admire their little athletes.

Post race was spent with friends diving off the pier. Yesterday was a perfect day off from watching any numbers and keeping any pacing goals in mind. Of course having a bunch of children on the course made it very easy to remind us adults the simplicity of sport. Today is Monday though and I'm back on the clock. In fact I chased numbers in the pool all morning, road a bunch of miles, and this weekend I plan to chase a pace too! Balance, harmony, it's life at it's finest...

Have a beautiful week!!



Lucy Francis said...

I once heard a surfer describe that the ocean is like life, sometimed you get lots of waves and other times nothing at all and you just have to go with the flow. I think that's a good analogy. I just wish i lived near the sea so i could see it everyday. You and kainoa make a geat team. What fun youust have had :-)

tinaparker87 said...

Wow.. Having a hard time deciding which pisture to be my backdrop today. Maybe if you don't post again for a day or two, I can switch beetween all the kids. Look how big your baby is getting. I'm getting very excited to have Thomas race with me in December. We start training after my race this weekend.

Beautiful day off.

Jill Costantino said...

Yeah - Go Team Wee! That is AWESOME!