Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Paddle On The 24th...

I've got some ocean fun filled news to share. Mauna Lani & Hulakai have teamed up to create the first Kohala Coast SUP race of it's kind. (There will be a 1 and 2-man OC event as well). Give it to ya quick:

  • Saturday September 24th. Meet at Hulakai Store in Mauna Lani at 7:30 for a little race debriefing (race starts at 10)

  • $15 bucks to enter the race, includes the big after party at the Mauna Lani

  • Awards for Overall 3 and top finishers in each division

  • Distance 7 awesome ocean miles

  • You have to bring your own board (I have good news on that)

You have questions?? But Bree, I've never been on a SUP board, is it hard? I'm afraid to fall. Where can I get a board? Am I going to look like a kook? I'm too young, I'm too old.... I have a couple answers.

HYPR Hawaii has rentals! They can totally take care of you by finding a board to fit you. They also can teach you in a matter of minutes so you can avoid totally kooking out. Too young or old? Of course not, the ocean is the best playground for all ages. They got Kainoa going and he's only 5, even my mom got the hang of it on her first try, (no joke). Find the Foo family here (HYPR Hawaii) for any and all rental questions & needs. Why should you paddle this? For a couple reasons. What else are you doing on the 24th? It's a great way to spend the morning in the ocean! It's always fun to try new adventures and seriously seeing the coast line from the ocean looking towards shore is one of the most incredible sights you might ever see. I'll be honest, I was not a SUP fan for a long time, but when it became something Kainoa and I could do together it became something I enjoyed. If you are worried about getting dead last in the race, don't fear that, just do it for the simple fact of paddling in the ocean and spending a day in the sunshine with a bunch of other people, besides Kainoa and I might be behind you. If you are worried you won't have any competition, oh, YOU WILL. There are some studs around these parts...I hope to see you all out there. When Mauna Lani puts together any kind of activity it's usually above and beyond expectations. And for you triathletes, I heard a little rumor that Belinda Granger will be in town, (you know her, won something like 103 Ironmans, or close to that). That will be fun for the triathletes, she can talk to you all 7 miles long...Any other questions hit up Mauna Lani, you can read about the race and enter HERE or contact HYPR Hawaii if you want to try out some paddle action. They are located right across from the Kailua Pier, can't miss them! And, thanks to Sarah Lee for the photos... PS... Kainoa has been practicing!



Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Ah, to do a headstand on a paddle board. Beautiful!

Kate said...

This sounds like so much fun! I wish I didn't live 2,000 miles away in the Windy City :( But I must just have to start looking into bargain flights--or plan for next year if they decide to have it again :)

Lucy Francis said...

You sold it to me, if i was on the island i would be queuing up to rent my board right now. It's defenitely fun and great for core stability. I'm sure everyone will have a great time. I on the other hand shall use my wobble board in the gym and pretend i'm paddling with all of you :-) on the 24th so yeah.... count me in, i'll be there in spirit!

Jill Costantino said...

That looks like SO much fun! Way to go little Dude - he looks PRO! Love the pic of the girls doing headstands too! Have fun you two.