Thursday, October 6, 2011

2 More Sleeps...

Yesterday was the Keiki Splash and Dash, 2 more sleeps and it's Ironman Hawaii. Between the complete excitement from the children to the full on thrill of the adults about to race, I'm stuck in the middle. But Okay. It's cool to see both races just days apart and how the little kids go about it compared to the adults. Both set up transition areas (or pack bags with gear) and both enter into a frenzy of a swim start with the unknown of a long day (er, not so long for the kids), awaiting them...

Watching Kainoa's race was perfect for me. It reminded me of the sheer passion I have for this sport. A kind of passion that means being able to love watching it almost as much as racing it. That's been a new kind of passion I'm developing. I used to get bitter about it and not want to really be anywhere near the mix of Expos and athlete functions unless I was in it too. Selfish? Maybe a little, but who likes to be on the sidelines when they feel as though they were meant to live in the game. But like I said, I'm growing up a little and watching Kainoa race was a big deal.


In fact, this was his FIRST ever race where I had NO PART of swim/running with him. He did it without his parents. The entire swim my little 5yr old tackled, last year I pulled him through it. Well, he wasn't alone, lots of kids were out there and his best buddy swam next to him. He was a BIG kid all on his own. He even went into transition and put on shoes alone, ran alone, went to the turn without me! I waited (and waited, and waited) at the finish line! Shoes untied and he made it! It was an incredible thing to see my son do his first race without me pulling, pushing, tugging, and walking or jogging next to him. So very cool. And very cool of his buddy Sammy to be there all the way too. Thanks Sammy.

You will never believe the ending of this race. Kainoa gave me his medal. He was so proud of it. He owns every single one of mine and now I have his. (Of course I gave it back to him). And now the test really takes over, the BIG kids (adults) are doing the prerace dinner tonight, athlete check in, and bike check tomorrow. As the race gets closer I get this urge to get sad, then find some inner strength to get strong again, it's Ironman Florida lingering that helps me.

Yesterday was the Swift Carbon "meet the team" session. What a great group of guys. Seriously I am so thankful to be on the Swift team. Never once did the managers make me feel guilty about not being in the race, never once was my bike sponsor upset or disappointed. He made me feel as if I belonged there doing the autograph thing just as much as the boys next to me that are likely to smash the field! It is one of the best feelings in the world to have that kind of support and love lavished upon you. To belong when you feel sidelined. And to all the athletes and friends that came to meet us, thank you, so much. I met so many cool people that shared their stories, or introduced themselves, or talked about following my tri-life. It was so neat and helped me a lot to focus ahead in a moment like this. Really, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I also got to be part of a photo shoot this morning! The 2012 Swift Carbon is even more awesome than the 2011. If you know me at all, you know I never stand behind or beside something I don't believe in, I've never been much of a follower or say it just to say it. So for real, I love this bike, this team, and the company. They care so deeply about the rider and making something worth riding. The photo shoot was good times, anytime you are at the beach times are good!
...and then there is Guy. He was found goofing around down there.

After the photo shoot and KSWISS run it was time to play. The morning work was so much different than the training work that accompanies this job, but I loved it. With Kainoa on holiday and no school for a week we had to find a field trip. The beach. The waves were beautiful, the sun was out but cool, and the company was perfect. One more big day out here till the race. Then things will simmer down and the island will be back to normal. I'm going to keep soaking it up, taking it in, and of course keep looking forward. To those racing, hope you are getting good rest and keeping those prerace butterflies under control, almost show time and I am excited for you...

PS.... all you athletes wondering about the swell, it's supposed to simmer down by Saturday.


Lucy Francis said...

I understand you perfectly when you say that you didn't use to want to be near a race/expo if you weren't in it. It's quite common for alot of us to feel that way too.
When we're racing and hurting physicaly we need to remember all those times we were on the sidelines unable to race for one reason or another, and that alone will help us carry on.
Congratulations to Kainoa for doing the race all on his own. Bree! you need to get him some elastic laces :-)
enjoy this busy time on the island.

Tina Marie Parker said...

Oh and where are the yakes for the shoes. said...

Wow Kainoa! I'm still teaching my son how to swim!!!

Good luck tomorrow Bree!