Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lucky Stars...

You know how people always talk about thanking their lucky stars? I am doing that, thanking my lucky stars. I don't even know what that means and I've always believed the good stuff in life was 'cause I'm blessed, in fact my luck is sort of crappy, if a bird flies overhead there is a good chance it will poop on me from above.
My lucky stars are shining pretty bright right now. Ironman Florida training is going so smooth, usually there are so many bumps on the road to an Ironman, you happens. In hopes of not jinxing myself, things have been smooth sailing, or maybe I'm just getting better at rolling with the bunches. I'm back on a big week after a week of serious school holiday. Most people were here last week for the Ironman, my plate was fully loaded with Kainoa's 10-day holiday break from school! That meant training flew out the window and kid-stuff had us flying all over town. In the midst of these moments leading up to 140.6 miles I have some stars twinkling and these are a few of the moments I have been thanking my lucky stars about...

  • Surviving the High School swim practice

  • The Ride down Hualalai when I ran off the road and my rear wheel locked up sending me into the road without harm, phewww.

  • My first flat tire of the season. 41 mph skid out going down Napapoo and I didn't even get a scratch!

  • Kainoa earned his yellow stripe in karate

  • Babysat my sisters 1yr old for 3hrs and he only pooped once

  • Camping under stars

  • Kainoa's first sleep over, I didn't loose the little buddy he had camping with us!

  • Great people on the island to train with and keep me focused

  • My coach is in town

  • Kainoa's step mom gave us a Jamba Juice card! How cool is that?!

  • My IPOD has the best music ever right now

  • My secret crush made me dinner after a 7hr training day (I eat a lot)

  • My 2012 bike has arrived and will be race ready by Ironman Florida

  • Kainoa has begun packing for Ironman Florida...

  • Blue Seventy is sending me a cute little practice suit, blue!!

  • There were 6 bike accidents during Ironman week and nobody died

  • The dolphins are out in full force

  • I made a really good mom-friend in Kainoa's Kindergarten

  • My new run shoes are magic!

  • Nutrition-NAILED, locked in for the long days

  • My little sister is a rock star of a babysitter when I have to trainToday I get a massage!

  • Tomorrow I get to watch Footloose

  • This is most likely too much info for you, but that lovely time of the month will not come with me to Florida, it will be the FIRST race of this season that I won't have to deal with that woman thingy. Detouring on the ride...
    Sunsets galore.... Love this boy! Camping moments... Surviving the sleep over under stars! Children of the island, enjoying the lives they have been given...My new bike! Okay, time for swim practice in the OCEAN, I'll let you know if the dolphins are out and about....

  • Bree


    Jill Costantino said...

    Love, Love, Love - the photos! So PERFECT! So happy for you - and just so you know it's considered "good-luck" if a bird poops on you;) I'm still waiting - not that I want to change anything!
    FOOTLOOSE! I bet you are dancing in the isles! Have a blast - the first one was on tv a few weeks ago and yeah - me and the midget were dancing in full force! ENJOY!

    Lucy Francis said...

    I remember watching the first Footloose film in the cinema as a teenager.....that makes me feel old :-)

    Wow! another new bike? do these guys send you a new model every year? :-)

    Everything will work out fine for the race, don't worry, you'll have all of us rooting for you

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