Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This is going to be a quickie, the keiki race is starting at 4pm today, (come watch the mini-triathletes have fun!!), I need to get my little buddy to the start line. Last week was so incredible, it landed me a day off yesterday. Kainoa and I spent the day laying in shallow water watching surfers-not a bad day at all! The only "training/exercise" was a little walk along the beach, till sunset. Yes, we spent a long time there...

Last week was my first 30+ hour training week of the season and if I remember correct, the best job I've done maximizing the training/life/motherhood since 2009 or something. It was a good, GREAT, week to be me. In fact, my bike and I spent more time together than ever. 422 miles we rode in a single week! I don't drive that much in a month on this little island and you better believe that was a bike mileage PR by over 100 miles! It was a big girl week for sure. It took 9 boys and Staci to keep me rolling. For sure I could have tackled it solo, but the 10 of them sporadically placed on rides throughout the week kept the motivation, the focus, and the pace pretty solid.

When the week was all said and done, after a final run, I landed at one of the MOST AMAZING sunsets my eyes & heart have ever seen. It was unreal. The colors, the ocean, the sky, all of it just meshed together in the most brilliant possible view! Landing in the sand after a week like that made it all the more gorgeous! It's pretty easy to enjoy the simple things when you have worked so hard for them.

Kainoa has this entire week off school. Fall Break is in full swing. I suppose it's a good thing the break landed on a recovery week, it will make recovery happen all the more smoothly. With my face in a book yesterday, I read something pretty cool regarding training the body and mid...."Stress it, rest it, best it". Sounds like a good idea! The chapter was about how recovery/rest is so overlooked and how if we just respect the rest the work load will actually pay off bigger than the job done. Yeah, Fall Break for Kainoa will mean rest on the way for me.

So, again, we stayed till sunset....why not?!

This was the end of the 422 mile week. HAPPY GIRL! Seriously, I needed that in so many ways. It felt like truly a pro-life. 2 massages even happened last week courtesy of the Coconut Girls! I'd ride like that ALL the time if I knew my legs would get rubbed like that 2x a week, actually I'd ride like if coach gave me more weeks like it and they fit motherhood. For now, it was a great big start!

And in Island News that is not so fun. I saw an accident. 5th one in 10 days. Not so cool at all. Felt so bad for the rider and driver. Almost race day, be patient, you can ride in the middle of the road on Saturday when the traffic is closed.
In Ironman EXPO news, tomorrow at 2pm the Swift Carbon team will be doing their "Meet the team" event. Come join Joszef Major, Sergio Marques, and I for some fun. Thursday join Kelly Liljebald and I at the KSWISS booth, 9am! We are hosting a "Run with some of the KSWISS girls". Just an hour, (more of less if you want), super chill pace. Hope to see you all at the expo this week and during the run!!

Time for some Keiki racing!! Whooop, whooop!



Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I feel just a little like I'm there in the hubbub of Kona excitement. Thanks for that Bree! Looking super strong and happy these days!

Lucy Francis said...

What great training week! I agree when you say that we appreciate the simplest things in life/ around us when we've completed some hard sessions. Sergio marques is portuguese! Look after my fellow country man please :-)

Mike said...

Wow. That is a really solid week on the bike. Nice work. My girlfriend and I have been following your blog for quite some time (this is my first trip to Kona so she's been on "Bree Wee Watch" all week), and it's really fun to follow your training as you strive for the next level. It seems like you've mixed things up a bit this year and had some great training. Hopefully, it pays off for you.

That's one of the coolest sunset pictures I've ever seen.

gelmertri said...

Keiki race update please? I love the pix from that race!