Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back to the Rock...

Middle of the week, it's swim practice night and I didn't go. It has officially started the "rest up, recovery, prepare to repeat triathlon season". Actually if my calf wasn't still in a funk I would have went. No walls for me for a while, so I swam in the ocean. You can swim wall-less forever in the ocean! My left leg feels like a rock star, like it wants to go run Honolulu Marathon next month! The right leg, that calf, it still doesn't even want to walk properly yet.. I'm most certain it is just fine, just recovering from the miles I made it do last Saturday while frozen stiff in a Charlie Horse.
Being home has sent me into a whirlwind of happiness and thankfulness. It's so warm and sunny here, all my friends have hugged the breath out of me after the tears of last Saturday, and of course...sushi, the really good stuff, has made it's way back to my belly!! As for the feeling post race, I took time to really embrace my emotions. After a couple days my heart has officially decided it is really happy.
The hard work came out to play and payoff on race day, it has helped my confidence tremendously. As for the run, I know it is there too. More than the swim or bike we have worked on my run. It just didn't play on Saturday, I won't let myself get disappointed, I'm just going to cling tight to the training days that brought me to believe in my running improvements and trust it is not going away. Patience. The good news, I'm truly learning to fight till the end. I knew that calf wasn't going to get any better as the miles went on but I kept fighting in hopes it would right until the finish line, because that is when the race stops right, the finish line.
Now what?? Today I picked all my 2012 races, they are on the list that I'll pass over to coach and see what we decide to do. Some of the favorites that are always there are THERE, a couple new ones, and one that I'd usually shy away from but instead want to take on the challenge of. Talk about growing up...

I am in the mood to race still, I've just loved it this season, and still want to squeeze another race out this season. If the calf warms us now that we are home I might land at a start line around here. If not, focus on next season will begin promptly. For now...recover.


Chat soon,




With the current you would be out of the Hudson in 35 minutes.... and it is kind of like the Ohio River (ick)... (but then again, polluted water is my life... really)
Enjoy your down time!

Lucy Francis said...

Hey bree join me for a water running session on friday 7pm at the beautifully restored edwardian pool at kentish town, london! I could do with the company :-)

TanyaC said...

Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3 in June!!!
Happy rest!

gelmertri said...

In my humble opinion - you broke through on your "race patience" this year. It paid off in your 70.3 races and had you in 1st place in Fla after the bike. You have a great coach and are so close to breaking through in the IM distance. Happy Holidays - will there be a shoe drive this year?

Baystate said...

Great season Bree. Enjoy your down time. Love your Blog.

Adrian said...

Kona 2012!!
Love your spirit and your smile!