Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It doesn’t feel like Ironman Florida is only 4 sleeps away, it feels more like I’m on a family vacation. At the moment I’m thinking this is a good thing, very good. Surrounded by family and having Kainoa along this race has created that focus and distraction that blends together nicely for me. Butterflies are in full bloom and of course that prerace fluster is lingering, (has been lingering since Sunday). As soon as I have too much time to over think “swimbikerun-taper-training”, Kainoa’s child like passion for life calms my uneasy heart or the parents are busy catching up with the most recent happenings of my life. It’s good stuff for this tri-momma being consumed with family at just the right time.

My bike has just arrived, 10hrs after Kainoa and I, aloha time was fine for today. After tomorrow it has to be on Florida time. Today was a nice run near the beach to shake out the jet lag. It felt so good to run in this crispy, cool air. It’s not warm in the least and my toes are numb at the moment, forget bikinis and frolics in the sunshine. The endurance felt just fine, good timing for an Ironman if you ask me. As for pep, it was missing in action on the run, slugggggggggy. I’m no stranger to these 14hr flights and left over slug-like feelings, it will come around in about 14hrs…right? Right.

Most of today was just trying to move around and shake out the flight. Eat some quality food and breathe some fresh air. That meant the beach for us. We took a little walk at the water’s edge, collected sea shells, spent moments admiring the sunset, and let our feet touch the ocean, just our feet. Tomorrow I’ll actually swim in the ocean. Till then that cold water can stay unfamiliar to my warm water loving self. I plan on riding too, I miss my bike actually. As for this time change, let’s not even go there, I am optimistic that 5 or 6 hours is nothing more than the difference between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner…I’m just a meal off.

We are here and happy. Not much left to do but rest and recover. Of course another sunset wouldn’t hurt either. Aloha ahiahi from Panama City Beach!
Bree and Kainoa.


Dolphin Boy said...

Stick to the plan....rest & recover smart. Focus on your game plan. See yourself at different phases of the race. Just hammer away Breezy!!

Lucy Francis said...

So glad you made it! The light in florida looks so different. When you say the weather/water are cold, what temperature are they really?....
Will it be a wetsuit swim?
Enjoy your time with kainoa and your family too :-)

Beth said...

All the best on Saturday Bree!!!! We are thinking of you and praying for you! Make it a great day!!!

Oscarjet said...

Que tengas una gran carrera Amiga! corre Bree cooorreee !! ;DD
Un beso a la barbilla de Kainoa ! me gustan mucho tus fotos ! yo tengo BB , sabes alguna application para hacer esas fotos???