Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Last night was sunset in the snow! There is never a shortage of adventures on the island and the best part is they only cost gas money and are worth every penny. Every winter I crave a trip to the snow, it's unbelievable being able to swim in the ocean and ride bike under the sun during the day, then land in the snow in the evening-freezing. Maybe it's easy to enjoy because you know you can escape the winter in an hour drive.
It has been a great couple days, the kind of days that you have to work hard to enjoy. At the same moment so many beautiful things are happening there still float around above me some ugly grey clouds. BUT... it's in the choice of choosing to find the good stuff that the grey stuff sort of seems less to stress about. Anyways... I wanted a snow filled sunset to fill the night and that's just what I got.
The entire drive up Mauna Kea Mike kept telling me to take out his camera. To borrow his. (Remember mine is at the bottom of the ocean and I've been too broke to even think about buying a new one). The entire drive I was doing the usual "Bree Wee ooooo and aaaaaaa" at all the beauty my eyes were seeing and he kept telling me to JUST USE HIS. I refused to turn around because I get super car sick and couldn't imagine looking in a bag for a camera.
We get to the top of the mountain and Mike says, "This was in the bag, it's your camera". It was a BRAND NEW WATERPROOF, SNOW PROOF, DROP & SHOCK PROOF camera! Just for me! Merry Christmas, thank you Santa in advance, thank you Mike! I was jumping up and down like a little girl who just got her first Barbie under the Christmas tree. Okay, so it may have been just a camera to you, but to me it was so much more. It was something I use EVERYDAY, the way I treasure my moments and share my life. It was Mike thinking of me. It's so hard not to believe in holiday cheer and happiness when the season is just filled with moments like this!
...and this.

I didn't need the mistle toe in a moment like this, I could just kiss him anyway!
It felt like Christmas just keeps on getting more AWESOME. Today I woke up to an ocean swim where the company was on fire and I hung on, then I rode happy, landed my first 8 mile run since tearing my calf and IT DIDN'T HURT ONCE! Then I lifted weights. It was a full day training, getting sweaty, working hard, dream chasing, goal seeking, and I AM BACK! I wanted back so bad, I love sport SO VERY much and days without being able to do it are hard for me. Do not worry, I am not full blasted swimbikerunning in what some call the "off season", I am harmonizing with the holidays, trust me.


Of course some grey clouds kept floating and I wanted my mom here to make them go away, but life goes on and the holidays make them all less grey ('cause that is where I choose to look).
Sunset in the snow, winter wonderland in paradise!! Last thing, remember I'm a girl. Just when I thought a good day was ready to call "good", it got hilarious. Mike took a song and made it for me. Don't know about you, but I've always daydreamed about having a song for me. Tonight I got it. That song, "She looks wonderful tonight", sing that but change all the words around to fit my life. He sung it something like this, "Its getting late now, 6:30, she has to go home now, shes running at the butt crack of dawn in the morning". "Her hair is always a mess, she doesn't brush it...", "We go to a BBQ, everyone is staring but she's here with me, and I say, yes, you look wonderful tonight". You have to know the song, it was a favorite of mine back in the day and NOW I love it even more. His words were so worth hearing. I am so blessed...
Okay, now to bed, I really am getting up at the butt crack of dawn.
Merry Christmas!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving

Gobble Wobble!!!

Tina Marie Parker said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks Mike for the camera. I seriously use a pic a day on my computer :) from Bree's site.

marian said...

you so deserve all this good stuff.

Lucy Francis said...

Oh bree i haven't had net for over aweek so i'm only catching up eith yur posts. Honestly i'd love london to be lik3 hawaii and that there was a little corner with a warm sea, tropical palm trees and a beach with sand (not pebbles like we have) and with the sun shinning all the time. That way i could go there whever i've had enough of rain/cold/clouds.
What a lovely surprise by Mike. Cameras keep our memories alive so i understand what you mean. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

Jill Costantino said...

Merry Christmas BEAUTIFUL Girl! What great pictures! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY for you both.

Dawn said...

Awe, sounds like such a special day :)... and another beautiful one in your world! Happy Holidays!