Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So Good...

It is SO good to feel the holidays lingering in the air. The flowers are not changing colors too much here, bright as ever, but you can feel winter wonderful on the way. The sun is still in full shine and shimmer, it's pretty warm, not hot, hot anymore. The first round of Christmas lights have been put up in town too, turkeys are on sale at the grocery, and Kainoa bought egg nog Monday. I love this time of year. It's Movember this November. You know, celebrate men's cancer survival-show your support and wear/grow a mustache if you can! Gotta love the men in our lives right. I know I am super thankful for the great guys that make my world a better place, (and open jars for me).
It's also SISTER week. I've got 6 sisters, lucky girl, lots of clothes to borrow! Celebrate your sister or the girls in your life that you claim as sisters this week. I truly need a photo of all 7 of us, but everyone is married, mothers, or moved. This one I like for now and I'll pretend the other 2 are in it as children, (they came later).

As for the lingering holidays, other than mustaches and sisters, we are in the middle of Thanksgiving plans and hanging Christmas lights. I KNOW, how ridiculous to rush to Christmas till after eating the turkey. BUT hear me out, it's a must every other year to get a head start. Since '08 Kainoa has been celebrating the holiday with me one year then his dad the following, this happens to be his dads year. SO....we hung the first strand of lights and plan to dive into Christmas now. Life is good. (I gently remind myself of that ALL the time when holidays wind themselves through life and I land missing my son).

...another celebration was Kainoa's DATE! I was the proud parent on an "ice cream" date. It was all smiles for the two of them that have been best buds since preschool. I saved all the photos and can't wait to show them to his first REAL DATE when he drives and picks her up...hahaha!

Being a day closer to Christmas also means I'm a day closer to Santa bringing me a new camera! I stole this one from Coach Steve, he took it during swim practice in the ocean with HIS CAMERA! (Very jealous of all my friends swimming with cameras while mine is on the ocean floor).

In sporty news.... Santa dropped off new shoes JUST in time for Friday. Friday I get to run again after letting my calf heal. Thought tomorrow would be the day but we are playing is safe and waiting one more day. Might have to celebrate with a run on a cool beachy loop or in the volcano. hmmmm....


Alright, get your holiday happy on, it's never too soon to start celebrating all things LIFE, LOVE, and SPORT!




Yasi said...

I didn't know you have 6 sisters! I do too!!

Lucy Francis said...

Our guys are also growing moustaches here :-)
Love the idea. Of an ice cream date. So sweet!