Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Bowl of Carrots...

Guarenteed this might sound a little gross for the non-carrot-loving person, however, carrot lovers WILL love this! I'm not really sure if it was the bike ride or having to jump in a freezing pool, but somewhere between my ride and swim today I fell in love with a bowl of carrots!!

  • Carrot juice, about a cup.

  • 2 frozen bananas

  • 1 papaya

  • Ginger juice (I juiced a big chunk with my carrots, add as little or much as you want).

  • Blend all the above, not too long, you want it to stay thick

  • Pour into a bowl, top with fresh granola, fruit, and honey. No kidding, this tastes so much better than it looks...

Other than discovering carrot bowl smoothies, I found a setting on my camera that turns our faces into balloons, that running in the sand feels just like mile 25.2 of a marathon, a new sea cucumber, and how to catch a fish without a fishing pole, (don't ask).


Hope the holidays are bringing you some new discoveries too, big and small kind!


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Ski or sled in the morning and surf in the afternoon.... I gotta get some of that!