Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pulling Up My Big Girl Pants...

There is no better way to begin writing about "pulling up your big girl pants" than an embarrassing story about, pulling up your pants. Early in the "swimbikerun" chill out I was doing a lot of hiking to keep active. On one such hike I snuck behind some bushes on a very slopey part just off the trail. Pants down, and there I go, down the hill. I was sliding down the hill with my shorts at my knees. Yes, my okole landed some very nice cuts, scrapes, and a bruise. Hiding did me no good as I slid right out from behind the trees and into the view of a friends camera. That was a real moment in my real life and I had to brush it off, pull up my pants, and take the laughter like a woman...

Fast forward to this evening...working on my weaknesses. I've always had it in my head that I would be a good swimmer if I could do a pull up. Yes, a single pull up. For years I have tried thinking a single pull up would make me super fast. Last Summer I had the personal trainer help me, swim coach has helped me, friends have held my legs to support my extra weight-never even one. Not a single pull up, chin up, nothing. Tonight I was in the gym trying to get my arms stronger, you know, New Years Resolutions are about to expire folks! I have like 25 days to make a pull up, right!? I begged my MMA friend to help me tonight, he was doing like 2 million in a row. We had a great laugh at my kick, swing, grunt, groan to attempt a pull up. So I went back to assisted ones with the knees held, I did 2x12. Then I tried AGAIN. AND you would never believe what happened, with the MMA fighters help, I Bree Wee did my first ever pull up of my entire lifetime! New Years Resolution DONE! Heck ya, big girl pants are so on!
This girl happens to be a book nerd, since 4th grade to be exact, when Mrs Succi made me read for free pizza, I had a dairy allergy growing up and couldn't even eat cheese, but those pizza awards were so cool. I fell in love with books, my mom would buy me like 6 a month. This month already she mailed me 2 more to add to the 2 she gave me last month! Such a nerd, I know. But I have to share, these are all so wonderful! In fact, I'm half way through all of them. Bet if I was like a normal person and read a book (or 2) at a time I'd be done with at least 3.


Measure of a Man by Sidney P. I recommend to everyone, its awesome. Reminds me so much of the way my travels as a young girl to developing countries shaped my life appreciation today. The divorce book my sister gave me, I began it thinking I could help Kainoa "just in case" even though he is doing amazing with the support his father and I give him, but its actually ended up helping me! Act Now, Love Now & the Sex and Money book are eye opening! Both are books some missionary's created about their travels where children are used as sex slaves and how they live with aids now. The stories open your eyes and 'cause you to truly embrace how good we have it even when life is SO HARD it seems, and the photos they took will just pull tears from your eyes. I can't put them down. The last book, Married for Christs Sake I got because the author is part of YWAM, the Christian University on our island and I LOVE supporting local, I was hanging out there Monday and well, turned out one of my dear friends got engaged and recommended it to every girl ever. I been married and divorced, lovely. BUT I picked it up and it totally resparked my "love is so real" beliefs, the one I held so dearly and well, maybe it has me believing again, so I'm nearly done with it now...

...and the hard part, sandy landings. Oh, no, not the view or a warm beach being hard to handle. It's the "chill out". Once again, I worked on my weaknesses today. I had bike, run, swim all on the plan, full time again here. I'm trying so hard to not fill my"recovery"time between sessions with "adventures" or "Major home projects", so learning to minimize my between-session-activity I landed in a cool spot, out of suns draining harm, and chilled out, (feet up with a book of course). Just like those pull ups I'm convinced relaxing will help me be better too!

Not much to say here, Big girls who pull up their pants have to stay healthy in the Winter- orange, carrot, ginger, banana juiced. Yum.

Finally, This one is the reason this momma has to keep going, working on her weaknesses, learning new stuff, and finding ways always be better in all things Life, love, and sport...


Good Night from the middle of the Pacific,



Lucy Francis said...

I had to laugh at your comedy moment with the pants down. You still managed to land gracefully :-)
Well done on the pull ups Bree
Many years ago when i was into bodybuilding i used to do 3 x 8 full pull ups with the odd push on the knees on the last one. It's all about the lats (latissimus dorsi). Karlyn will tell you that these are the prime muscles to help you power through the stroke. You should team up with her at the gym as she does pull ups too :-)
These days i don't think i can do even one.
Thanks on the books recommendatios, i shall check some of those out

Christi said...

Reading is one of my greatest passions. I read all the time. Keep it up girl because it makes us all that much smarter!

Great day big girl! :)